Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Book Club

Spring is such a wonderful time to entertain. My Book Club is coming next week and I’m sharing the table that I have prepared in anticipation of their arrival. When hosting an intimate event like Book Club, if at all possible, I like to have the food and beverage in the same room in which all of my guests will be. I find that if we’re in the midst of a big discussion that guests are not going to wander into another room to get a bite to eat or another beverage. If you can keep it in the same room as the discussion, your guests are more likely to participate in the discussion and also partake of the spread that you’ve prepare. The table holds the food and I’ve added various small tables to accommodate the beverages. Dessert will be served in the dining room. Check back next week for the dessert table.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper02

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper03

As I’m hosting next week, the food isn’t present but I like to serve savory treats that can be enjoyed throughout the discussion. If you’re in my Book Club, then shhh …Mums the word.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper05

The wine of your choosing, along with the glasses are right in the room in which we will be discussing the book we read. You don’t need to venture far to fill your glass.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper10

I don’t think I’ve ever been amongst a group of women, in which someone isn’t watching their weight, so a salad is always welcome.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper04

A large bowl can be used as a vessel to chill wine.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper08

The vintage flatware clustered in the lady is echoed in the dishes.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper09

Spring pea pods usher in a spring salad.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper06

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper12

With NY temperatures not being exactly where we’d like them to be, we’re coaxing in a spring garden party.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper07

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper11

Totally in love with the varying motifs on these plates.

Spring Book Club - The Tablescaper01

I’m happy to be joining the Scoop Group for their Spring Tablescape tour.


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- Alma, The Tablescaper


Sarah said...

Beautiful spring setting for your book club. I'm eager to see that dessert table. Hope spring will arrive for you soon. It's been lovely here!

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

What a beautiful table. Lucky book club members Wishing you warmer temperatures soon.

Tess said...

Lovely spring table...I feel your "late-arriving" pain from here in Central NY! Can't wait for the dessert table. BTW...what book is on the agenda?

Dining Delight said...

Wish I was in your book club! Looks wonderful! It is so smart of you to put the food where it is "handy" and doesn't interrupt the discussion. Looking forward to seeing more!


Doreen @ Hymns and Verses said...

What a beautiful table for an evening with the book club ladies!

Julie S. said...

Can I be in your book club? Wow! What an inviting table -- love it!

Wonderful touring with you. Hoping that warm spring weather finds you soon!


Parsimonious Perfection said...

Gorgeous florals, and the wrought iron cake stand (trivet?) is beyond beautiful! It looks like a piece from Gracious Goods, which is one of my favorites. Have a fabulous time! ❤

chateau chic said...

Wow, what a lovely spring buffet table! Who wouldn't want to be in your book club?! The flowers and candlelight set a gorgeous atmosphere.
Mary Alice

Beverly said...

Wishing you a spectacular Spring ver soon. We are in the throes of all the wonder that is Spring.

Your club members will feel so special in such a lovely setting. What are you reading?

Kathleen said...

Your book club table looks lovely. I don't remember seeing those dishes, are they new? I see the wine, but don't forget my diet Sierra Mist!:) Love the pot of pansies.

Marigene said...

Lovely table...I want to join your book club seeing you serve wine! said...

Love all of your lovely. Those plates are wonderful.

Angela said...

So fun!!! I love all the eclectic touches! So glad to be on the tour with you!

Heather SettingforFour said...

That's the prettiest book club setting I've ever seen! Gorgeous!

The Charm of Home said...

I would enjoy talking about a book in this lovely setting!

Christy Our Southern Home said...

How lovely..... As always!!! I am sure you book club appreciates your efforts and looks forward to attending! ~ Christy

Jann Olson said...

Beautiful! I am sure that your Book Club loved it. The silver peas are so pretty! Can't wait to see the dessert table. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Jennie Schumann said...

Your tablesetting is beautiful for your book club. I'm interested in what book you are reading, too. In our book club, we each host a light dinner once a year and move to the discussion at 7:30 or so. Our club is large and is also coed -- about 25 people, so it works well to share the hosting job with couples or two singles work together.

Kelly A. Fox said...

wonderful photos! love your parties.