Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh, the PLACES I’ve been! #53 – Soaking up NYC

Living just outside New York City affords me the opportunity to visit frequently.Sometimes when you visit a place on a regular basis you take things for granted. I find NYC so interesting and intriguing that I rarely take it for granted. I like to soak it all in.

NYC - The Tablescaper10

NYC - The Tablescaper05

NYC - The Tablescaper06

Spring may be a bit harder to find in NYC, but it’s there.

NYC - The Tablescaper08

NYC - The Tablescaper09

And then there are the everyday sights of NYC…

NYC - The Tablescaper03

NYC - The Tablescaper01

NYC - The Tablescaper02

Wonderful architectural details

NYC - The Tablescaper07

Love the juxtaposition of old and new

NYC - The Tablescaper04

And with real estate at such a premium, it’s amazing what is done to facilitate more parking!

So where have you been lately? Did you go away over the spring holidays?

- Alma, The Tablescaper


Something Nice and Pretty said...

I love NYC...I've been there 3 times and my 4th will be sometime this June! Great pictures!

Michele {Malaysian Meanders} said...

I've always think of pedestrian bridges between buildings as sleek and modern, so I really like that you showed us one that looks old and ornate. The multi-level parking spots is one of the things that really stands out in my memory from my last visit to NYC. I couldn't quite remember what they looked like though, so I like this reminder.

Mary @ The World Is A Book said...

NYC is one of the most interesting places I have visited. You never know what'll greet you as you turn the corner. Lucky you for being close enough to soak it all in. Great pictures!

Bonnie said...

I've only been to NYC twice. Once in June of 1999 and the other time about five years ago after Christmas. It was extremely cold one of the days in December. The museums were very crowded because it was too cold to do anything else.
I was there in the summer of 1999 so we toured the Twin Towers. It is erie to think about but the day we were there I remember looking out the window and seeing fire trucks. Something went wrong with the alarms. We saw them but didn't think a thing about it.

I never saw the stacked parking spaces. Interesting. I would love to visit NYC again when it is not cold and have more time to explore.

Thanks for hosting.

Poppy said...

NYC has it all! Are those the famous cherry blossoms of Central Park? Lovely pics, thanks for hosting, Alma!

Have a great weekend!


Betsy Finn said...

Love architectural details! We have been out in nature lately, enjoying the signs of spring. Love being able to get outdoors finally!

Chubby Chieque said...

Just loving NYC...

MET building is my fave where our branch office is.

Great photos!

Parsimonious Perfection said...

You are so LUCKY. I always fantasize living in NYC. I love it there. So neat you live close. Great snaps!