Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beating the Winter Blues Tablescape

Beating Winter Blues0122

Beating Winter Blues0101

Winter sure can take it’s toll on us and one of the best ways to beat the winter blues…

Beating Winter Blues0103
…is to pull up a chair and enjoy some time at the table.
Beating Winter Blues0107
We live in a time of grab and go…
Beating Winter Blues0111
…but this weather has made us all pause and sit a spell.
Beating Winter Blues0102

Sitting at the table provides an opportunity…
Beating Winter Blues0112
…not only for our bellies to be nourished…
Beating Winter Blues0106
…but our souls as well.
Beating Winter Blues0108
While we may not like to slow down…
Beating Winter Blues0110
…with this weather we have little choice.
Beating Winter Blues0104
This table is filled with some of my most favorite dishes! Lots of blue – of course!
Beating Winter Blues0113
Alas, the lattice cake plates are unmarked. A HomeGoods find awhile back.
Beating Winter Blues0114
The napkins are from The French Laundry and the place mats a super bargain at the West Elm Outlet Beating Winter Blues0119
Beating Winter Blues0115
Beating Winter Blues0116
Beating Winter Blues0117
Beating Winter Blues0118I really need to use these chargers more. They are gorgeous!
Footed bowl by:Beating Winter Blues0120
Soup bowl were a gift from Kathleen:Beating Winter Blues0121
Flatware by Cambridge.
No promotional consideration was received from any of these companies but I know that my readers like to know where things are from.
Beating Winter Blues0105

Enjoying the fellowship of others around a table is the best way to beat the winter blues!
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- The Tablescaper


Sarah said...

Your table is certain to beat the winter blues. The ceramics and linens are all so beautiful. I'm envious of those blue chargers. You definitely should use them more!

Martha said...

Like your blue tables cape

Kathleen said...

Beautiful! Those glasses are amazing! Glad you like the bowls, they really hold a lot!
I am seriously sick of the snow, I can take the cold, but enough with the snow and the ice coming tonight. I worry about all those who have to be out on the roads, it is treacherous. This was an extremely heavy snow, we were out with the roof rake getting it off. With the ice storm coming, and the trees so heavy I hope we don't lose power. Stay warm!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a beautiful table! I love all the blues and it would make me so happy to sit at this table! Love!!

Polka Dot said...

Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your tablescapes!

Sue said...

I love anything with pine cones...I have them all over my house...You didn't say where you found those adorable candle holders??

Sue said...

I love anything with pine cones...I have them all over my house...You didn't say where you found those adorable candle holders??

Orange Blossom said...

I don't think I would have the blues sitting here.

Jaybird said...

Ahhhh loveliness for sure!!! The wintery blasts have even hit Texas....brrrrrr....
my poor DH has been bagered into having a fire every evening...we just can't seem to get warm :^( Do you suppose it's old age? :^)
Enjoying your pretty tablescapes and looking forward to visiting the Valentine links....thank you.

xinex said...

Very lovely an tranquil, Alma. I am able to relax in this table and you are right about the chargers. They are gorgeous and should be used more...Christine

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

What a beautiful table to sit at to chase away the winter blues!…Love everything about it!…Just gorgeous…stay safe and warm!

Babs R said...

Your winter blues table is cozy and warm, especially with the brown table and pine cones. Love the lattice plates, really all of your plates and the frosty blue drinking glass. Hope you don't get hit by the big storm..or have you already? Hugs and stay warm.

Alycia Nichols said...

I understand you guys are going to get hit with even MORE winter blues over the weekend. I'm so sorry. I just know this winter has got to be taking its toll on your nerves. We've only had these snowy, icy conditions around for 4 days and I'm about to got bananas already!!!

You've done just the right thing to keep your sanity intact. Creating a beautiful tablescape like this to admire and enjoy is the perfect solution. The blue & white is both calming and energizing all at once. Just what you need on days when you're snowed in!

I'll be praying for you guys! Please stay safe!!!

Jacqueline said...

This table makes winter blues seem bright and cheerful. I love your pretty stack of dishes with so much texture and the snowflake is the perfect crowning touch.
We are headed for a week of snow - drat - but we need the snowpack in the mountains for the water in the summer so grin and bear it!

Miss Jane said...

Your table is lovely, the blue is beautiful and serene. The pinecones add the perfect touch of texture.

Parsimonious Perfection said...

As always, beautifully done...and my fave color, bonus! ❤❤❤

tablescapesbybev said...

Love it! Your snowflake plates are wonderful.

WoodsofBellTrees said...

Sitting at a table nicely set really makes you feel special. I love the dishes!