Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seasonal Sundays #85 - Corner Cabinet and the winner is…

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy
Welcome to Seasonal Sundays.
corner cabinet 009
As I complete my month of BLUE, I’m featuring the corner cabinet in my dining room. In last Sunday’s post (which you can see HERE) I lined the back of my cabinet with shelf lining paper to highlight the contents. In this cabinet the back of the cabinet is painted a contrasting color to the rest of the cabinet, an equally effective way to highlight it’s content.
corner cabinet 017

corner cabinet 033
The top shelf features a very special clock.
corner cabinet 044
This clock was owned by my husband’s grandparents (who were born in Sicily in the late 1800s) and was wound by them everyday. It has no markings but is a priceless treasure in our family.
corner cabinet 042
The teapot and pitcher are current and by Godinger.
corner cabinet 019

Amongst the treasures on the next shelf are unmarked pink salts with no markings. Love their little gold ball feet!
corner cabinet 041
corner cabinet 037
Many long years ago, when my children were toddlers and in Nursery School, my good friend Sheri and I took our little brood of children to an Estate sale in a neighboring town in a snow storm! We stood on line outside the house waiting to get in, but it was well worth the wait. I found this amazing tea set which is Czechoslovakian by Phoenix. I had to have it as…
corner cabinet 058
…it matched my wall paper perfectly (by Waverly and yes, I still have the same wall paper).
corner cabinet 067
Through the years I’ve searched for and added to my collection. One of the interesting things that I’ve learned is that this pattern is featured in different shapes.
corner cabinet 073
corner cabinet 075
This teapot is a rounded rectangular …
corner cabinet 076
corner cabinet 081
…while this one is more of an oval. The accompanying creamer and sugar for each teapot, mirror that shape.
corner cabinet 084
corner cabinet 086
What really amazed me was when I found the above teapot. It would appear that this pattern must have been so popular as to merit imitation. If anyone knows anything more about this china, I’d love to know about it!
corner cabinet 020
Each of the shelves are lined with these wonderful…
corner cabinet 051
…dinner plates, also Czechoslovakian. 
corner cabinet 055
Once again, the perfect accompaniment to my dining room. Now you know why after all of these years, I can’t part with this wall paper.
corner cabinet 022
The bottom shelf is home to a bit more of the Czechoslovakian china, a Godinger coffeed pot, and…
corner cabinet 066

…a delicate unmarked bowl.
corner cabinet 087
corner cabinet 090

The bottom shelf also houses one of my Ebay lessons. I thought I was purchasing a china tea set made by Limoges (in wonderfully complimenting colors). Well, it is “Limoges china”. I now read Ebay listings a whole lot more carefully, but it is a pretty set.
Copy of corner cabinet 003

I’ve enjoyed my month of BLUE and hope that you have enjoyed getting to see a bit more of my home. It’s been neat reading what each and everyone of you would choose to do with the Chic Shelf Paper. And the winner is…
Sue at Sullivan and Murphy

Please be sure to email me so I can get you the information on your winnings.
So what have all you fine folks be up to in Blogland???

- The Tablescaper

Friday, January 27, 2012

Reprise of Pinecone Respite



Welcome to The Tablescaper. Now that we are in the depths of Winter (although it sure doesn’t feel like it, here in New York) it seems the perfect time to repost one of my favorite Winter posts. I just love the feel of Pinecone Respite and hope you enjoy it as well.

As you may already know, I currently have a GIVE  AWAY taking place. You can learn all about it HERE.


Pinecone Respite


Welcome to The Tablescaper.


In the midst of all of this crazy weather…


…we need to take a few moments…


…to snuggle around the table.


Enjoy the company…


…of your family…


…and friends.


The weather is…


…is just wicked.


It’s nice to bring…


…the outdoors…




…and enjoy the comforts of home.


Ok, so where did all of this stuff come? The flatware is Gibson. I love how it looks like wood. I got the napkin rings at a great sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond this summer.


The pillows are my latest purchase  from Pier One. I love how they look like a sweater. The wheat colored  tablecloth was a purchase from Walmart many years ago. The overlay is a couple of yards of burlap. But my favorite item on the table is the “runner”. It’s a door mat! Obviously one that’s never been used.


The dinner plates are Bordallo Pinheiro. I got them this Fall at HomeGoods, but they only had eight. If anyone ever sees them, I’d love four more. The pinecone balls were a Christmas Tree purchase this fall. The green goblets and candle holders were purchases from Christmas Tree this summer.


Looking forward to seeing you Sunday when the winner of the GIVE AWAY will be announced. If you haven’t already, be sure to enter (see details HERE).

- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Azzurro Renaissance

Embossed blue 045

Welcome to The Tablescaper.

Embossed blue 015

If you’re a regular reader of The Tablescaper, you know that I’ve been embracing a month of BLUE.

Embossed blue 012

In an effort to buy less and enjoy what I have, I resolved to make January a month of BLUE.

Embossed blue 031

I love BLUE dishes and have an awful lot of them. (Side note: I planted these paper whites weeks ago in anticipation of this post, but they still haven’t bloomed. Close, but not quite there. Argh!)

As part of my effort to use what I have, I decided to dedicate January to BLUE.

Embossed blue 071

Since I have a lot of blue dishes, that sounds like an easy challenge.

Embossed blue 066

However, the real challenge was to myself, as I love change.

Embossed blue 059

I love to vary my tablescapes.

Embossed blue 020

Some are elaborate. And some are simple.

Embossed blue 017

So to have all of my tablescapes for a month be of the same theme…

Embossed blue 038

…that being BLUE, was a challenge to myself.

Embossed blue 040

As I wind down my month of BLUE, I have to admit that this tablescape…

Copy of Embossed blue 029

…doesn’t actually have a single thing  from Italy, (albeit it’s name Azzurro Renaissance)

Embossed blue 069

but to me it feels Italian.

Embossed blue 045

Like an Italian Renaissance.

Embossed blue 046

However, in a very  non-renaissance way, I purchased these plates in an antique store in the Hamptons.

Embossed blue 047

Clearly, these plates don’t have a prestigious past. Personally, I was a bit surprised at their lack of lineage but, I’m no snob.

Embossed blue 052

The plates that pair with them best…

Embossed blue 054

…are none other than by Gibson.

Embossed blue 056

Along with one of my very first Dollar Store purchases.

Embossed blue 057

It just goes to show…

Embossed blue 073 doesn’t matter what your background is..

Embossed blue 078

It just matters what you do with yourself.

I’m having a GIVE AWAY to celebrate my month of January BLUE ,which I’d love to have YOU win. It’s very easy. All that you have to do is:

  1. Go to my GIVE AWAY post and make a comment on my GIVE AWAY post telling us what you would do with the GIVEAWAY; and,
  2. Become (if you are not already one) a FOLLOWER.

Now that’s not bad. Pretty easy in fact. The winner will be announced this Sunday at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper