Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Proper Send Off

Fred's Send Off 016
How quickly can you through together a party? WARNING – photo heavy post!!!
Fred's Send Off 035
What is the shortage amount of time you’ve taken to pull a party together?
Fred's Send Off 041
I just experienced a new record.
Fred's Send Off 044
TWO days!!!
Fred's Send Off 031
My brother has been looking for a job.
Fred's Send Off 085Fred's Send Off 088
I found out on Thursday night that he had accepted a position in Florida!!!
Fred's Send Off 008
He was leaving the following Thursday.
Fred's Send Off 024
That meant there was only one Saturday night available before he left.
Fred's Send Off 077
Which was exactly two days from when I found out.
Fred's Send Off 047
I’ve been spoiled, I know it.
Fred's Send Off 049
My brother has lived in the same town as I, except for when we were in college.
Fred's Send Off 113
For him to be moving all the way to Florida, from New York was huge.
Fred's Send Off 028
I’ll be honest, I am not happy about this.
Fred's Send Off 133
I’m trying to be a supportive adult, but in all honesty, I wish this didn’t happen.
Fred's Send Off 138
My husband teased me, when the going gets tough, I throw a party.
Fred's Send Off 144
I realized very quickly, that if I wanted the party to be up to my standards that I’d have to have it catered.
Fred's Send Off 062
In two days I could either do all of the cooking or make the party the appropriate send off I knew my brother deserved – but not both, in two days.
Fred's Send Off 016
My brother loves Martinis.
Fred's Send Off 058
Therefore I had a Martini Bar…
Fred's Send Off 065Fred's Send Off 067
…with all of the trimmings.
Fred's Send Off 071

Some thought the theme should be sunshine, palm trees and all things Florida.
Fred's Send Off 009
Not a chance.
Fred's Send Off 015
This was clearly an I LOVE NY party – everything was black, red or white!
Fred's Send Off 032
Everyone (well at least the men) wore I LOVE NY tee shirts that I had my niece negotiate and procure from the city early Saturday morning.
Fred's Send Off 142
It’s hard to find a cookie more NY than Black and Whites.
Fred's Send Off 104
Although I’m a grown women and know that in order to provide for our families, sometimes we have to do things we’d rather not, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t break your heart.
Dish Storage 040
So, in two short days, with the help of my family (and a very cooperative caterer), I threw together a send off befitting my wonderful brother. You’d be amazed how many people changed their plans so they could be there.
Here’s what I did. I pulled out all of my black and red plates. I lot of them are nothing special, it was more a matter of following the theme. It had to be red, black or white. Some of the guests teased me that they couldn’t tell where Valentine’s ended and the party d├ęcor began (part of my plan!). I ordered a bunch of red, black and white balloons. It gave it that party feel. I gathered a bunch of red and black napkins in my urns. I used the red mercury glass hurricanes that I had purchased at an after Christmas sale as vases for the red and white roses purchased from Costco. I added black bamboo sticks from Dollar Tree. The only other items purchased specifically for this party (who had time to shop??) were the glass cubes, square mirrors, black rocks and red votives – all from Dollar Tree. I wanted to use the recently purchased (at HomeGoods) black and white tablecloth but it wasn’t quite long enough so I put a large solid red cloth underneath. At the Martini Bar in the living room I placed a black tablecloth and then topped with a red fleece throw (from Ikea). I had recently purchased the photo coasters. My youngest had the idea to continue the theme by placing the I LOVE NEW YORK logo within them.
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See you Sunday!

- The Tablescaper


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Holy smokes, gal! I would definately say you did it, alright!


What a send off - I am stunned, that is amazing. You are a QUEEN!

Funny weird coincidence - I just returned from dining out- a going away party for a good friend in my women's club........just said goodbye, and the first blog I see is about your brother's going away.

We dined well, but yours deserves serious and big-time High Fives!


Meredith said...

oh my! What a fun party! I guess you'll have to plan a trip to Disney World to go visit!

KathyB. said...

This just blew me away, even if it was catered. The thought and creativity here is a lot to see and I will have to come back again to digest it. Amazing!Love the martini bar.

Sarah said...

You had told me about this party, but it's fun to see all the details. Love the them for NY with all the red, white, and black. Looks like it was a huge success. I know you are going to miss your brother. ~ Sarah

sweet violets said...'re the new Perle Meste!!! You rule!!! This is beyond amazing, love all the decor and what fun food you had!!! Are those little burgers...White Castle...?? In upstate NY we call those cookies, Half Moon, just bought some at Wegman's, yummieeeeee!!

Barbara F. said...

What a fabulous send off for your brother. I love the "New York" theme. The food looks amazing and a martini bar,wow. No stone left unturned here. xo

Phyllis@Around the House said...

Wow ...I am so hungry now...I have to go back and look at all that great did a great pretty too...

Diane said...

Beautiful job, but you are a pro!! I am sure that your are so sad that your brother is leaving, but I can see your making a few "winter" visits to see him in the future!!

Susan said...

Wow! Can I come to your next party? I bet your brother was thrilled with the send off!

Leann said...

How wonderful for your brother - the new job is great, but knowing that he has a supportive too. I love how your just threw this all together. So great!

I wish him all the best!


The Decorative Dreamer said...

Well, you may not like it but you certainly did show him how much you love him with that gorgeous send off. Excellent job! I love the theme you chose instead of going with the new destination, it shows what's in your heart and I'm sure he appreciated that. Look at the bright side at least now you have a warm and sunny destination to visit. Beautiful, beautiful spread!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your brother must be one special person!! What an amazing send off. And in TWO DAYS!!!! Bravo! Yes catering was the answer, but your touches made it extra special. I am sure you are going to love visiting your brother in Florida. Especially in the winter :-)

Jocelyn @

lulumusing said...

I had to get no further than than "i love martinis" to like this post. Wish I'd been there to join in the fun!

Pat said...

I love everything about this!! Absolutely love it all!!!

Jewel Sauls said...

Great party no matter how short the notice! Your I love NY theme was really cute and I wish your brother the best. LOVE the martini bar!!!

Pat's Pink Apron said...

Hi! You gave a wonderful party! I was getting hungry and wanting a Martini there towards the end. I love those tulips. Refreshing to see for a change. Pat

Jacqueline said...

What a wonderful sister! My favorite thing, although everything was spectacular, was the saying on the cake! Now that is a way to top a cake! How fun that you made it a NY party theme! You are tons of fun!!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I was wondering at first how you did all that food...whew catering! The rest is just perfect...I love NY! I know you will miss your brother but you gave him an awesome party to remind him where he is most loved! hugs, Linda

Aledia said...

So sorry your brother is leaving...
Your party turned out fabulous, I love the red, black & white theme!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Magnolia Cottage said...


What an outstanding Send Off Party for your brother. The shrimp and oyster bar looks amazing! You definitely know how to throw a party! I'm sure he was surprised!


Denise said...

Golly. The party decor and food looks wonderful. But more than that - a lot more than that - I envy your love for your brother. I have no siblings. You might be a little misty eyed today, but surely your heartache is directly proportional to the depth of your relationship with each other. You do have that. I never will.

Marvelous colors. I love red, black and white. My favorites.

A Perfect Setting said...

Yes, I'm with you, I have a hard time letting go. This was some party--it's great to have a caterer that works well with you, you both did an outstanding job. Not sure if I could of pulled that off in such a short time, but you nailed it!! Funny, my table this week is black, red, and white--with some gold thrown in there!! Guess it's I love NY week!! I'm sure your guests were blown away!!

Magnolia Blues said...

Your brother is so lucky to have a sister who loves him sooo much that she would host a party with a broken heart. I know it's difficult to be seperated from your family. Thank goodness we have all this amazing technology to keep in touch. You're a fabulous sister. I loved the theme.

Texas Tea Party said...

I know you are sad about your brother but I think your husband is right! You throw a party and ot just any party but the best! I love the sources and the best idea was the color scheme of red, black and white. The New York theme is perfect. Florida is a great place to visit. I have a feeling you will be going there soon and there is also a new place to shop! Happy Tea Party! Pam

Gina said...

Oh what a beautiful party you had for your brother!

If it makes you feel any better, I'd feel the same way if my brother was moving to FL. I was mad when my brother moved 20 minutes away!!

Alycia Nichols said...

You had me at "Martinis"!!! :-) There is nothing like a teeth-chattering cold martini to make your troubles fade away! I am so sorry your brother has moved away, but you know that I wish him the very, very best in his new endeavors. Florida is SO different from New York in so many says, but he will adjust. YOU, on the other hand, may need to indulge in a little retail therapy to ease your troubled mind and broken heart! :-) The party you put together in your brother's honor was fabulous! Every little detail seems to have been attended to, and I am sure everyone appreciated your effort. I think catered parties are the best...I like to cook, but I'd rather spend my time with the decorative elements and let somebody else slave in the kitchen! Congratulations! You pulled it off!!! Now pull yourself together and go shopping to send him a care package! :-) :-) :-)

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Great job! You can add that to your list of accomplishments! I love the "I Love New York" theme. Very creative!

Kathleen said...

You did a great job pulling that together. It was a labor of love for sure! My eyes skipped right over that sushi to the tower of shrimp and the sliders! As long as you had a soda for me, I would have been a happy NYer!
Your bro must be very proud of you! A party to remember!

Robin said...

You are a miracle worker! What a great table and kudos to the caterer too as the food looks great! Best of luck to your brother in Florida. We love it here. The trick is to just enjoy what it does have and don't obssess over what it doesn't!

Robin Flies South

Entertaining Women said...

I'm betting that you could have pulled off a banquet at the local event center for 250 guests...because it was for your beloved brother. Praise the Lord for great caterers! Your party looked fantastic. One time Sweet Mister dropped by at lunch to say that he had invited some people for dinner that night...24 to be exact. I was so exhausted I don't remember much of it, but I was told that it was a marvelous evening. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Tess said...

Great party!!! But I know it was bittersweet...we saw my youngest sister off to New Mexico a year and a half ago! But it looks like a great send off. And just think, you can visit Florida!!!!

Dining Delight said...

You have indeed risen to the occasion and hid your sadness well! Everything looks so festive and beautiful! The way you set the table and decorated the surroundings made the caterers job easy in that the food looked even yummier (and no doubt, tasted that way too!) I love that you DIDN'T go with the "Florida theme" but kept it New York! I'm sure your brother will be back as often as he can to see a sister who obviously loves him so much!


Mary said...

What an amazing feat & fabulous party! I love your theme and what a beautiful table! Caterers are life savers at the 11th hour~ I know your brother appreciated his your efforts & his martini bar :)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a great party! I felt like I could pick up a plate and eat all of that wonderful looking food.


Tanya@takesix said...

I'm exhausted...and all I did was read about it! You did a fabulous job. In all honesty, I would much rather "set up and decorate" than cook ANYDAY!!! ;) Well done!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

You are a magician!!..You are amazingly talented...You pulled off such a magnificent party in such a short amount of time...Everything from the Martini Bar, etc. is spectacular...

I have lived in Florida most of my life until 7 years ago when we relocated to N.C. Curious to know what part of Florida he will live...can't beat the weather there!!

Elaine said...

This is FABULOUS! I would have guessed you had at least a month to pull this off. The NY theme was a great idea, and I'm sure the psychology was not lost on your brother!

Two Christmases ago I had ten for dinner with six hours notice. It helped that the house was clean and decorated, so I only had to focus on the meal. I cooked Italian, which I can do with my eyes closed. The only hiccup was I underestimated the amount of meatballs people would eat. I even had to make a seperate meatless sauce because one of the guw

Elaine said...

Haha, my dog just jumped in my lap and didn't see my laptop! Anyway, you did an AWESOME job, and I hope your brother doesn't stay away too long!

Creating Wonderful Spaces

kitty said...

I know it's hard to say good-bye, but what a nice sister you are to throw him such a great party!! You'll have a wonderful place to visit at least.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a wonderful send off! You did a fabulous job of wonder people changed their plans to come. Sounds like you'll have a new place to take some vacations. We love Florida.

Designs By Pinky said...

Wow, I am SO impressed!! What a great aprty you pulled together IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had been there. I now you will miss your brother:( My sister moved to Fl. almost 7 years ago now and I miss her alot. XO, Pinky PS, I hear you met Yvonne and were at her house!!! Isn't she the BEST!!????

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Wow! It turned out great! A number of years ago I was hosting a pretty large double baby shower (sisters-in-law), and that's when I realized what you did--I either get the house/tables, etc. ready, or I prepare the food--can't do both. This party turned out awesome. I love the theme idea of sticking to the NY theme. The Florida theme would've been more expected. I LIKE it!! Very cool!

SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Such a lovely thing you did for your brother! A Good Luck Party :) It's hard to say good-bye... I know, I have my mother in Sweden and my only brother in England - and I live on the other side of the planet... Look on the bright side, at least your brother is in the same country, even though it's far, far away!

Greetings from Australia♥

Anne said...

Lovely blog, and you did and AMAZING job! I'm a new follower!


ccatk22 said...

Your brother is very lucky to have you throw a spread like that. It was beautiful and well thought out.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Miss T, This is a party befitting a NY king! I love the richness and the bounty of it all! Only you could pull off something this polished in such a short amount of time! KUDOS!

The colors and all the NY touches are fabulous! I am a huge fan of black and white cookies. When I saw them on the plate I was thinking... so NYC... and then read that is also what you wrote.

I'm sure it was an event to remember and a real honor to your dear brother.

Thanks for sharing this special and bittersweet event with us.

On a different note, I was so thrilled to meet you last weekend. Kindred spirits, that's what I say! I just wished the Gable room and bath would have been available for you...we could have talked all night! We must do this again and soon.
xo Yvonne

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU CERTAINLY PULLED OFF a success! YIKES, in two days? AMAZING! AND THANK YOU for visiting me!!! Anita

Vintage Home said...

wow what a sweet sister you are .....all the sentiment in this post was so touching!
AND WOW what a party!...caterers.. so what you did all the hard work (they get paid to do what they do )...
What a great Idea doing it NY style! I love it...there will be many Florida ones to come I am sure!
Your love for your brother is so evident ...he will be back!

Vintage Home said...

p.s. so sweet of you to drop by & leave a comment...Thanks!

once in a blue moon said...

wonderful send off and wild over your tower of shrimp, its a show stopper~

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

Wow that is amazing! I think you were very wise to have it catered. Your theme was great and all the details right down to the martini bar were excellent! I'm sure when he looks back at pictures he will cherish them forever!
He's not only relocating but he has opened the door for you to have a new place for visit! You are fortunate to have had him so close for so long. Best of luck to him and I hope you will get accustomed to him living away.

SavannahGranny said...

I am so glad your brother found a job. My son just found a job last month. He was out of work for two years. These days, degrees don't insulate you against the economy.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh My Gosh! I might pull off a party in 2 days, but it would NOT be as beautiful or lavish as this party! You sent him off right, Miss Entertainer. I love all of it, but I am so in love with the napkin bouquets in the big urns. I've got to remember that idea. I'm sorry you won't have your brother nearby, but I'm willing to bet he'll be back often just to see what kind of party you'll throw when he comes home. laurie

Sherry said...

What a fabulous party! Love the shrimp cocktail tree. Great job. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Angeleyezkym said...

Loving it ... Wish I was that good.