Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seasonal Sundays #72 - Halloween is Upon Us

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy

Welcome to Seasonal Sundays.

Fall Vingnettes 2011 042

Halloween is upon us and that meant it was time to transition from Fall (click HERE to see post on Fall entryway)…

day 4 144



This little guy flew in to remind you of the season.

day 4 151

Don’t be startled as you wander through.

day 4 156

There are plenty of pumpkins…

day 4 158

…just plump for the picking.

day 4 165

To keep it fun, we purchased this witch’s broom to keep you on your toes. It moves and cackles to sounds or movement! (A Cracker Barrel purchase – so fun!). It drove the dogs crazy for the first day and then they just ignored it.

spooky 104

The dining room got a touch…

spooky 107

…of horror.


And this guy stuck himself upon the entryway window pane, just to be sure you were feeling the spirit of the season.

So what ghoulish tricks have you been up to?

- The Tablescaper

Reprise of Arachnid Phobic Beware



Welcome to The Tablescaper. Last year I prepared a Halloween table so filled with arachnids, it would make any of us shutter. I’m happy to be reposting it with Chari at Happy to Design for “Sunday Favorites".
Don’t forget to come back for Seasonal Sundays. The link will be up by 7 pm Saturday night.


Arachnid Phobic Beware

Welcome to my Halloween table.
Do heed the warning – ARACHNID PHOBIC BEWARE!
Spiderlings hatch from eggs.
Each one has eight tiny legs.
A spider has more eyes than you.
Most have eight, and you have two.
A spider has two body parts.
Across its web it quickly darts.
From a spider's spinnerets
Sticky spider silk jets.
Spiders feel the frantic tugs,
Of their favorite food;
…it's bugs!
Poem by Janet Bruno
Hope you have a spooktacular evening….
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Did you see this week’s tablescape? If you missed it, click on the photo.
spooky 010
- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


spooky 002

The Tablescaper welcomes you, but BEWARE!

spooky 010

You do not know…

spooky 015

…what evil may lurk…

spooky 080

…in the depths of the night…

spooky 060

…as HALLOWEEN approaches.

spooky 038

It may be a spider creeping down your path…

spooky 044

…or a bat flying a wee bit too close for comfort.

spooky 005

Those spiders come…

spooky 049

…in all shapes and sizes.

spooky 031

An owl or two might be hooting through the night as well.

spooky 086

Watch those tomb stones!

spooky 048

One never knows what lurks BEYOND!

spooky 006

A spider weaves a tangled web…

spooky 092

…which you may find yourself…

spooky 078

…caught up in.

spooky 061

So drink up and…

spooky 066

…BRACE yourself…

spooky 028

…for you do not know…

spooky 025

…what lies ahead!!!

spooky 013

Hope you have a good EVE..NING……ha, ha, ha…

spooky 075

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