Monday, February 28, 2011

A Tea Cup filled with Color


Today I share with you a teacup filled with color.


Teacups are  amazing little vessels. If you look closely you’ll see this is

not a particularly fine teacup, but a precious one none the less.


The gold paint is a bit worn.

But it’s exterior is covered in a rich burgundy.

The inside bears this darling spray of flowers.

This sweet teacup was born in England.

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  • Saturday, February 26, 2011

    Seasonal Sundays #38 - Sky Blue Pink

    Lara's Project 031

    Welcome to the 38th Seasonal Sundays.

    Lara's Project 031

    After all of the many snow storms that have hit the New York area

    (and many parts of the United States), we were recently presented

    with RAIN, RAIN, more RAIN and WIND! It was crazy out.

    Lara's Project 032

    But in the late afternoon, early evening, the rain stopped.

    Lara's Project 034

    We were presented with the most beautiful sky - a sky of  ~sky blue


    Copy of Lara's Project 041

    The shots above and below are so different in color but were taken

    only moments apart.

    Copy of Lara's Project 036

    Hoping that your skies are clear.

    - The Tablescaper

    Reprise of Red Retro



    This is one of my favorite posts from last year so I’m joining Chari at

    Happy to Design,  for her meme called  “Sunday Favorites".  It’s a

    meme designed to give bloggers a chance to share a favorite post from

    the past.

    Please be sure to come and visit Seasonal Sundays. It’s my Sunday

    meme and it gives bloggers a chance to share what the season means

    to them. I have a completely different post for Seasonal Sundays, but

    didn’t want to miss joining in the fun of Sunday Favorites too.



    Red Retro

    Welcome to the red retro table at The Tablescaper.


    This week we step back in time…


    …to days of tables covered in oilcloth.


    A time when red was…


    …“the” color for kitchens.


    A time of …


    milk glass and…


    sherbet glasses to match.




    Red Retro_0038

    Red Retro_0040

    During a recent vacation , I had the privilege of  visiting a great little shop on the Main Street of Fredericksburg, Texas called Things in a Room. While shopping, I was fortunate enough to meet Becky, one of the shop owners, who had amassed an amazing collection of oilcloth. I spied the oilcloth featured in the above tablescape and knew it would be a great match to recently purchased red posy salad plates (purchased at HomeGoods, just before my trip to Texas). Becky also features some clever designs that she made with oilcloth. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to visit. You can contact her at:


    - The Tablescaper

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Shabby Chic Winter


    Welcome to my shabby chic winter table!


    IMG_2164 Winter is still with us in abundance, and so…

    Copy (2) of IMG_2122

    …I decided to…


    …embrace it’s whiteness!


    The elegance of this white orchid…


    …in contrast to the unpolished silver.


    The fine linen napkin juxtaposed against the burlap like napkin.


    Clear glass against…

    Copy of IMG_2132

    … layers of textures of white.


    The icy cold winter…

    Copy of IMG_2109

    …and the warmth of your home.


    The contemporary edge of the plate and the vintage silver slotted



    The crisp white of the individual casseroles…


    …and the coarse willow of the beverage carrier.


    The clean lines of the mercury glass candlestick holders…


    …and intricacies of the antique servers.


    My scrunchy  throw once again appears as a table cloth.


    Kindly visit the following memes I’m joining:

    Be sure to come back and celebrate WINTER

    with us on Sunday for Seasonal Sundays!

    Learn all about it by clicking on the tab on the

    very top.


    - The Tablescaper

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Hope–Seasonal Sundays #37



    Welcome to the 37th Seasonal Sundays.


    It’s mid February and sometimes it seems that this winter will never



    Friday was a tease. Not much sun, but the temperature was in the

    mid 60s. Just glorious. But those temperatures are gone and winter is

    back with fierce winds.


    It’s at this time of year that I love to see a few seedlings popping their

    heads up through the soil. I have a few seedlings and bulbs planted

    around the house.


    These little pots of soil and green give me hope. Hope that Spring will



    Hope, that growth will continue. Hope that all that is dull and grey

    with turn to a lush green.



    I hope that your winter is filled with HOPE.

    - The Tablescaper