Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seasonal Sundays #41 - The Budding of Spring

Seasonal Sunday Teapot resized

Welcome to Seasonal Sundays #41!

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy

I’m so excited to share my new button for Seasonal Sundays with you!

My oldest daughter is my technical advisor and she decided that I shouldn’t be changing my Seasonal Sundays button with each season, but rather come up with one that would suit all seasons. Well, not only does she have marvelous technical skills, but she also has great creative ones. With minor input from Mom, she created my new button, representing each of the four seasons in one of my favorite shapes – a teapot!

Be sure to grab the new button.

budding march 004

Today is the first day of Spring! Hurrah! After the winter we’ve had, we all need some SPRING!

budding march 007

Here on Long Island, New York, Spring is coming ever so gently. It’s hard to believe that these little buds with turn into fragrant glorious Lilac blossoms.

budding march 012

And very very soon these sticks and tiny buds will…

budding march 017

… be covered in bright yellow bursts of Forsythia.

budding march 019

This tiny fury bud will burst forth is a glorious pinky peach Camellia.

budding march 025

These little buds amongst the brown sticks will become an Autumn Glory Sedum. We’ll have to wait almost six months to see it’s flowers.

budding march 036

Before long this tight little bud will be a lovely purple Rhododendron. It’s hard to believe these buds were formed late last Spring when it stopped blooming.

budding march 041

My Daffodils seem to be bit slower than most. I’ve seen some in full bloom near us.

Copy of budding march 028

This little Hyacinth will push it’s bloom up. I can’t remember if this one is pink or purple.

budding march 044

Some of the masses of these tiny tiny buds of…

budding march 048

…Mountain Laurel have already bloomed. So many strands of perfect blooms.

What an amazing world we live in. What an wonderful God we are blessed with. From patches of dull come little buds filled with incredible grace and beauty. While my heart goes out to those in Japan, I cannot help but wonder why such hardship and devastation is upon them, while millions upon millions of minor miracles surround us. May God be with them.


- The Tablescaper


Cindy said...

Your photographs are beautiful! Thank you for the linky!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Looks like you are just about where I am.


Lindy said...

love the new button -- I'm grabbing it now!

Natasha said...

It is so lovely to see signs of spring on so many blogs. It is a rainy and miserable day here in Brisbane, Australia and your post has certainly brightened my day!

Best wishes and thanks so much for having me.

bj said...

Oh, I know you are excited about all the new green poking their little heads up all around you. Our season is a little later than yours.
Thanks so much for always hosting this wonderful meme.
xo bj

Kathleen said...

I anxiously await the first signs ! I was surprised to see things blooming last week when we were in. Amazing the difference 80 miles makes.
Happy Spring, A.!
Love the button!

Sarah said...

I think each one of us so far has linked a post about spring. Ours is in full swing. My hyacinths have already bloomed, the daffodils are waving gracefully, and even my bluebonnets are in bloom. I'm happy spending hours in the garden again.
Love the new button! ~ Sarah

Diann said...

It is so wonderful to see signs of new life coming up! Beautiful photos!

Shel said...

Just love your pics....all those buds ready to burst into colour!
Thank you for this wonderful linky!

Pegasuslegend said...

your pictures as usual are sensational. I finally felt I had one that was worthy to link up with... Thanks for hosting... Claudia from Whats Cookin... I included the link back on the post :) Happy Sunday to you and this wonderful linky group!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

LOVE the new button! I will be changing over to it right now! We too have buds on our lilacs and i have hostas sprouting but with the cold weather and chance of snow this week, I hope they survive!


xinex said...

I love your new button, I copied it and I will start using it next week. Very clever and practical of your daughter coming out with the idea. Glad it's finally warming up there. Amazing how plants can come back and be so lovely after looking so dead. God is amazing! Happy Spring!...Christine

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It's so exciting to see the rebirth of our flowers in the spring. Thanks for hosting the party!

Jojo said...

I love the new button and welcome the beautiful signs of spring!! Your spring photographs are beautiful.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Cute new logo! Lovin' all of the buds, I'm ready for some pretty color:@)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the new button! Perfect! Your photos are gorgeous! I am so happy Spring is here.

Maggie said...

Happy 1st day of Spring, your close up shots are amazing, ain't Mother Nature just grand!
Love the teapot button, I've already changed from the snowflake on my sidebar.

Nancy's Notes said...

Great new bottom, it's awesome! I love each one of your photographs, just beautiful!


Vicki @ Curly Willow said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW BUTTON! Your daughter did a great job. We have minimal buds around here yet, but so glad their are blooms elsewhere.

Cozy Little House said...

Love your new button! So nice to have such talent around you.

Nanniepannie said...

Hi, I'm a first timer at your party, but glad to be here. Thank you for hosting. I love Spring...I walk my garden every morning to see what has sprouted.

Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

The new button is great! We are still waiting for snow to melt in Iowa but spring will be here before we know it. We had a little preview of it today. :)

Thanks for hosting Seasonal Sundays! I have linked again this week.

Betty said...

Oh My Gosh,
Look at the beautiful posts for Seasonal Sunday. WOW!!! Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner. I love joining your party on Sunday. And, your new button is precious. Out goes the old and in comes the new. Beautiful job. You have a very talented daughter. I love daughters.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh I LOVE the new button - so pretty! You photos are great. I almost didn't get here to link up. Thanks for hosting. laurie

Scribbler said...

Better late than never! I love your new button. Sometimes I have trouble with my goofy iWeb format, getting them cooperate, and I have no sidebar. I will use it if I can.

So true, your thoughts re Japan.

Carolyn said...

Looks like spring is on it's way! Since you live on Long Island I am wondering if you go to Old Westbury Gardens or the Planting Fields-they are both so beautiful!
Thank you for hosting,

Luncheons at the Junction said...

I was linking up on the road yesterday and lost my connection, but had to come back today to say how much I love the new button! Isn't wonderful having your very own tech squad in house! LOL. I have three! One would think I could keep a web connection while traveling! Have a happy spring, and thank you for hosting.