Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue Autumn

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Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I dragged my heels and was kicking and screaming about Summer ending.

But enough is enough!
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This warm weather is crazy.
It’s the end of September.
I’m ready to snuggle in and enjoy fall.
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My children are back to school and we’re into the routine.
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So where is that cool crisp air?

I want to snuggle up in a sweater.
I don’t want a crazy long winter either, but…
…I don’t want to go from Summer directly to Winter.
One of the many reasons I love living in New York is the change of seasons.
This placemat by Waverly was my inspiration for today’s tablescape.
These little fellows that I got from Michael’s last year had to join in the fun.
Happy Fall!

  • Chargers from Target last year
  • Pearl edged plates are from a dollar store (seriously), years ago
  • I got the blue cake plates from HomeGoods last year. The minute I saw them I fell in love with them. I love the quilted feel. The blue tray in the center is from the same collection, but they are unmarked and I’ve never seen them again.
  • The place card holders were a Century 21 purchase.
  • The napkins are from a Pier One sale. They were $1.18@. What I like about them is that they are a steel blue, not navy.
  • The flatware is by Gibson. It is so well done. It looks like wood, but clearly isn’t.
  • The little plate that the acorns rest upon was a tag sale find.
  • The napkin rings were from Christmas Tree this year. The glasses were a major score for both Kathleen and I at Christmas Tree. They were only $1 @!
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  • Hope to see you Sunday at Seasonal Sunday!

    Seasonal Sundays - Fall copy
    - The Tablescaper

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Seasonal Sunday #17 – Pumpkin Topiaries

    Seasonal Sundays - Fall copy
    Welcome to the 17th Seasonal Sunday. It’s all about what the season means to YOU! Now it’s officially fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Saturday it was in the 80s in New York!
    Part of it being Fall, means decoration for Fall – inside and out. While I love my pink door, it does make decorating for the different seasons a bit of a challenge. Lots of orange would definitely not work. As I hung my fall wreath and swag of many years, I decided that my exterior fall decor needed a bit of a boost and so I made pumpkin topiaries.
    Lucky for me, Michaels had their faux pumpkins on sale for 40% off.

    So that they would stack one on top of the other, using a serrated knife,
    IMG_7184 IMG_7183
    I cut the stem out of the large and medium sized pumpkins.
    In order to give them stability, I cut a small hole in the bottom of each of the three sizes and pushed a dowel through.
    I wanted a little foliage to flow between each pumpkin so I arranged it where I wanted it to be and then…

    …glue gunned the foliage, at the end, in and around the hole.

    I wanted the dowel to be in place while I was applying the foliage, but this presented the issue of where to sit it while I worked on it.
    My paper towel holder proved to be just the thing!
    I pushed the dowel that was poking out of the bottom into the soil of the urns.
    And the finishing touch was to gather more of the foliage around the base of the largest pumpkin.
    Hope this brings some fall inspiration to you! I hadn’t done a craft project in awhile (too many tablescapes! LOL!). This project was fun, easy, and I love the results. As my good friend Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen said, “It’s even squirrel proof!”

    Looking forward to seeing what FALL means to YOU!

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    - The Tablescaper

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Autumn’s Glow Reprisal

    I’m joining Chari at Happy to Design, with a rerun from last year at this time, for her meme called  “Sunday Favorites". It’s a meme designed to give bloggers a chance to share a favorite post from the past.
    Please be sure to come and visit Seasonal Sundays. It’s my Sunday meme and it gives bloggers a chance to share what the season means to them. I have a completely different post for Seasonal Sundays, but didn’t want to miss joining in the fun of Sunday Favorites too.
    Seasonal Sundays - Fall copy
    This was my tablescape from the fourth week of September 2009:

    Today's tablescape is all about the glow of Autumn.

    I love the ochre plates against the burgundy tablecloth.

    Instead of layering the plates, I layered the tablecloths: the rich golden tablecloth below the printed burgundy cloth.

    Even the goblet has a glow.

    A wreath of leaves encircle the little ramekins.

    The ripples of the plate edge dance upon the tablecloth.

    A glow from the golden candles in varying brass candle stick holders.

    Gilded faux fruits scattered amongst the pine cones set off their own glow.

    One can almost sink into the depth of color of the plate.

    • Dinner plate, Stoneware by Grestel
    • Villeroy and Boch goblets
    • Flatware, Gourmet Settings
    • Table linens, Ridgefield Home
    • Brass tureen, tag sale
    • Brass candle stick holders, years of collecting - didn't realize I had so many!
    • ramekins, Walmart!!!!
    See you Sunday at Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010



    After last week’s cutesy, but fun, apple post, I felt like I needed something a bit more sophisticated.

    Copy of IMG_7210

    And so I present you with my Imari-like china.


    Last Spring my dear friend Barbara (and fellow dish-a-holic) and I were in the little consignment shop associated with our historical society and we came upon this beautiful set of china.


    I immediately fell in love with it.


    But this pretty set had a price tag. It had almost 12 of everything, including cream soup.


    I was trying to be good.

    Copy of IMG_7215

    But my dear friend Barbara would have none of that.

    Copy of IMG_7205

    Unbeknownst to me, Barbara called Mr. Tablescaper and together…


    …they secured the purchase as my birthday present.


    I have to admit, I was quite surprised.


    Mr. Tablescaper isn’t the best of gift givers, but with the help of Barbara…


    ……he became a phenomenal gift giver.


    I love the sparkling copper tablecloth (HomeGoods) with the set.


    The set came with a large and small platter and an open vegetable.


    And now to see each layer.


    The saucer for the cream soup bowl…


    …followed by an amazing square salad plate.


    The dinner plate in it’s own right is something to behold.


    The detail is amazing.


    It’s quite the elegant set.


    Autumnal, but yet including my beloved blue.

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