Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Still Life

Nature is so full of…

… vivid COLORS. My kitchen always sports BLUE.
The many shades of green
close up bananas
a yellowish green
…true lime green and lemon yellow
close up of watermelon
…striations of deep luscious green

apple green
close up tomatoes

And of course brilliant reds!
The artistry of nature’s paint brush is amazing!

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- The Tablescaper

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seasonal Sundays #13 - Seagulls


Welcome to Seasonal Sundays.

IMG_3776 Soaring high above the Summer skies (winter ones too, but I guess I don’t think about them then) are beautiful winged creatures.

IMG_3777Beautiful winged creatures? Has she gone mad? These are just seagulls.

But look at that wingspan and the detail of the feathers.


Oh sure they can be annoying.

Do you think this guy landed a wee bit too close?


He was just there for the pickings. To see what crumb we may have neglected.


And then he’s off!


To roam the skies…


…and the shores.


One of God’s precious creatures, with such precise detail, that are a part of our world.


Hope you are enjoying these last fleeting days of summer as they slip through our fingers.


- The Tablescaper

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Pink China Box

It’s a box. A little pink box, with no markings.

It sits besides my husband’s side of the bed.
To most it’s nothing remarkable. But I’ve seen this little pink box my entire life and it brings back a flood of memories…
My Mom grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania. When I was a young girl, my grandparent’s still lived on the farm. It was a hard life. But to me it was…kittens from the woods;  rows upon row of zinnias; large raspberry and blueberry bushes waiting to be picked; corn so sweet it didn’t need butter; working my Pop Pop’s farm stand; my tree house in the Queen Ann Cherry Tree made with  an old chick brooder roof; a cellar full of canning; and a Summer that never ended.
In the bathroom (on the second floor, the only one in the house) sat this little china box, which held my grandfather’s dentures! LOL! And as crazy as that sounds, I’ve always loved this little pink china box. Such a lovely little piece, facilitating a utilitarian duty in a home absent many luxuries, but full to the brim with love.
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    - The Tablescaper
  • Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Cobalt Tea

    Copy of IMG_6276

    Tablescape Thursday is upon us however, I’m feeling a bit under the weather (hopefully allergies, but I’m beginning to wonder) and hadn’t done my tablescape.

    Copy (2) of IMG_6217

    So, I enlisted the help of my daughters and they thought we should have a tea.


    It’s fun…

    Copy of IMG_6211

    … to let their imagination go…


    …and see what they come up with.


    IMG_6251 IMG_6237

    It’s interesting to see the accoutrements they choose.

    Copy of IMG_6223

    One daughter was sent in search of whatever poor blossoms remained in our garden at the end of August – these phlox did the trick.


    Since my daughters were helping me set the table, a trip to the bakery was in order. I decided to reward them with a sweet treat of their choosing – to be eaten after the table was photographed. This is a passion fruit mousse (delish, I was allowed a taste).


    And this was the mango chocolate mousse (of which there was none left, so I didn’t get to try this one).


    A new tasty treat at our bakery are truffles (the coconut ones were magnificent!).


    Would you care for a touch of cream…


    …in your tea?


    We hope you enjoyed our tea as much as we did!

    Copy of IMG_6276

    • Although the tea set has a vintage feel, it is relatively new and was purchased several years ago from Ross Simon, back when their catalog wasn’t 99% jewelry.
    • The tea square and napkins are vintage from my collection.
    • The footed gilded glass candy dish was a tag sale purchase.
    • The flatware are from tag sales of years ago, amazingly the teaspoons are actually Tiffany’s.
    • The silver teapot napkin rings were from a boutique.
    • The little cobalt vase was part of Gandmom Lillian’s collection.
    • The cobalt cake plates are Spode Copeland’s China, England, made for Charles R. Lynde, Boston. Yes, Kathleen I have 12. They are magnificent and are amongst my most favorites. They were purchased several years ago on ebay.


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    - The Tablescaper

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Kitchen Sink

    IMG_3414Next to my kitchen sink is a little blue and white china tray
    filled with odd bits that mean a lot to me.


    There is an unglazed pinch pot made by one of my children

    and a glazed pinch pot made by another. Although neither
    are valuable in the dollar sense, I wouldn’t trade them for
    the world. Each were made by tiny loving hands, with me in
    . IMG_3418
    This little pot is filled with a an inexpensive plastic rosary

    which was handed out at the wake of a dear friend, taken
    from us in such an untenable manner. It reminds me that
    you never know what lies ahead and to value each and every
    The small black crucifix (only the top portion is showing)

    belonged to my Nana Reis. She never had much in the way
    of possessions, but had much in the way of faith. And…

    …a little angel pin given to me by my Sister-in-Law several

    years ago.
    All of these little trinkets sit by the edge of my sink -  a place

    where the busyness of my household is clearly evident and
    many dishes are washed. The perfect place for me to always
    remember to count my…

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    - The Tablescaper

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Seasonal Sundays #12 – Shinnecock Bay

    Seasonal Sundays-Summer NONBLURRY copy
    Welcome to Seasonal Sundays, formerly known as Summer Sundays. It’s all about what the current season means to YOU!
    To me, SUMMER means being on the water…
    IMG_3706  and more specifically, being on Shinnecock Bay.
    If you’re coming from the Peconic Bay, you’ll probably have to lock through the Shinnecock Canal.


    You dock and dine near the Canal.
    Maybe you need to fuel up.
    Or you can just grab an ice cream cone at Jackson’s.
    If you want to head over to the Shinnecock Inlet (to the Atlantic), on your way over you’ll pass the Ponquogue Bridge. To see what is on the other side of the Ponquogue Bridge, check out my prior post on Westhampton.

    As we approach the inlet you’ll see the commercial fishing boats.
    A favorite place to dock and dine is at Oakland’s. It’s the building with the gazebo style roof top.
    Shinnecock Bay has much to offer, such as tubing…
    IMG_3865 …parasailing…
    IMG_3758  …or just taking in the scenery.

    - The Tablescaper