Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedgewood Blue Monday

I’m posting  on the Blue Monday party, as I was looking at my most wondrous Christmas gifts. This certainly seemed to be the time. I’m also joining in Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.Wedgewood1
The beautiful tray was a Christmas gift from Mr. Scaper  (with lots of help). It is by Tracy Porter. She has a wonderful web site and beautiful dishes!

This year for Christmas, the beautiful lidded bowl was from my wonderful sister in law Anne and my dear brother (don’t know how much he really had to do with it, anyway…)
Don’t you love how this shot picks up the crimson of my sofa and pale blue walls which perfectly match the Tracy Porter tray! (That Mr. Scaper is some shopper. LOL)
Wedgewood is celebrating their 250th anniversary and knowing what a dish-a-holic I am, dear sister in law Anne thought I should have this for my collection. To learn more about Wedgewood’s celebration of it’s 250th anniversary, click here.
These pieces are examples of jasperware. Jasperware has a body which is either white or colored, that is known for its matte finish. It was first developed by Josiah Wedgwood and its best known form is the popular blue-and-white ware, but it comes in many other colors.
Wedgewood collage
The above mosaic of my Wedgewood blue jasperware collection is my contribution to Mosaic Monday at the Little Red Cottage.
- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow Day Snack

After a day of playing in the snow (OK, I know we don’t have snow right now, but work with me) come on in and warm up.
Snow men 035
Warm yourself by the fire. It turns on by the flick of a switch.
Snow men 016

Grab a cup of hot cocoa.
Snow men 027

That big guy is filled with …
Snow men 026

…warm, rich hot cocoa.
Snow men 025

Toss a few marshmallows in.
Snow men 037

You’re starting to warm up, right?
Snow men 028

So, have a little snack.
Snow men 032

A snow couple! Now don’t let that snowball hit you in the eye!
Snow men 031

The little pale blue balls on the napkin rings could almost be ice balls. You don’t want to get hit with one of those.
Snow men 046

Nor get bopped on the head as this guy did.
Snow men 052

Just enjoy warming up with a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire.

Ok, before I go any further, I have to share something with you. If you’ve ever been to this blog before you know I am a super dish-a-holic. Mr. Scaper is very patient with my addiction. As I’m sure is the case with most of your significant others, they are not into dishes, they basically tolerate us. Well, the funny thing is, the snowman set featured in this post is Mr. Scaper’s favorite! He accuses me every year of trying to skip using these (well, sometimes that does happen – getting all of those Christmas plates away, trying to find my home under all of it, a family birthday in January and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). But this year with the blog in place and more dishes all over the house, there was no way I was going to skip it. Since it is his favorite, I was able to convince him to help carry it up from the Butler’s Pantry/Dish Room in the basement.
  • Beverage dispenser (which has a place in the bottom “ball” for a warming candle), mugs and plates were from Target several years ago.
  • Napkins from The Christmas Tree Shop. I just can’t seem to bring back where the napkin rings are from.
  • Candle stick holders and tiered server from Maces, a wonderful discount store that no longer exists.
  • Round enamel tray by The Golden Rabbit.

Today was a bit unusual as I’ve posted twice in one day. As usual, on a Wednesday evening I’m linking with Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Stop over for more table tops. Additionally, earlier today I did a re-post so I could join Rhondi  at Rose Colored Glasses on her very first White Wednesday. Click here to see my White Wednesday post.
- The Tablescaper

Let there be White!

 There is a new white party in town! Rhondi is hosting White Wednesdays. I'm submitting an old post that I don't think too many of you had a chance to see. Stop over at Rose Colored Glasses for the FIRST White Wednesday.
Enjoy the serenity of the evening,

as you join us for a quiet repast...
amongst the beautiful simplicity of just white.
Gaze upon the many shades...
absorb the many details,
as the candles reflect upon the crystal.
Marvel at the sheer splendor of the intricate cuts in the crystal,
the elegant swirl upon the tip of the lid.
Revel in the beauty of the many shades,
as the scattered pearls cast their luster.
The flicker and glow of candlelight...
enjoy the splendor of WHITE!

  • Araglin Waterford crystal
  • Forstoria Fushia sherbets
  • Hurricanes and cake stand from HomeGoods
  • Plates by Roscher; "Roma" Collection
  • Lidded serving dish from The Festive Table
  • Napkin rings from Century 21
  • Crocheted lace place mats from the dollar store

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It’s coming…

It’s coming…very soon.

Heart Cookie 006

I’m holding myself back and waiting for the page on the calendar to change to February…

Heart Cookie 007

before I pull out all of that wonderful red, pink, and white.

Heart Cookie 003

So just one more wintery scape for Tablescape Thursday at the lovely Between Naps on the Porch and then it’s time to celebrate the month of the cupid.

- The Tablescaper

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Snowbabies Collage
I’m joining Mary for her Mosaic Monday. Be sure to stop over to be inspired by many other mosaics.
OK, I know, Christmas is over.
Snowbabies 004
But when I was in the midst of cleaning up  from Christmas, it occurred to me that the Snow Babies really don’t have to be Christmas.
Snowbabies 011
They are just winter and snow.

Snowbabies 014
And cuteness.
Snowbabies 009
There has been snow all over this country (and Europe), so why not enjoy the Snow Babies.
Snowbabies 020
I used to collect these little guys, but actually told my husband to stop as I had amassed enough of a collection, didn’t have the need or space more, just wanted to enjoy what I had.
- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Snowflake Dance

As winter wears on, the snowflakes continue their dance.
Snowflake Dance 001
Tonight not only will the snowflakes dance outside our window, but across our table.
Snowflake Dance 004
The flicker of candle light will warm our hearts and continue the waltz.
Snowflake Dance 006
The snowflake edge of the plate shadows the dinner plate.
Snowflake Dance 010
Icy snowflakes act as chargers.
Snowflake Dance 012
The tea light holders and runner echo the snowflake pattern.
Snowflake Dance 016
This snowflakes looks like it will melt right into the glass.
Snowflake Dance 017
The mirrored napkin rings were a wonderful find at Wal-Mart years ago.
Snowflake Dance 011
Be sure to steal few quiet moments for just the two of you…
Snowflake Dance 018
…so the snowflakes will melt away.
Snowflake Dance 008
Stop over at Susan’s at Between Naps on the Porch to see many other delightful tablescapes.
Snowflake Dance 025
Have a wonderful week and stay warm.
- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink and Blue Toile

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday  at the Tablescaper. In an effort to fight the post holiday blues and not allow the chilling weather to get us down, I’m working with COLOR!
Pink and Blue Toile 020
Not just any color -  my favorite colors – pink and blue. And… one of my most favorite patterns – toile. I knew I was in way too deep when one of my children, who was 4 at the time, suggested to my husband that they get Mom something toile for her birthday! LOL!
Pink and Blue Toile 008
Clearly the tablecloth sets the stage. This tablecloth and napkins are currently on sale at the Williams Sonoma Outlet, but of course I didn’t buy them now. No, when I saw my favorite colors, in one of my favorite patterns, I sucked it up and paid full retail.
Pink and Blue Toile 009
Note how all of the color on the table plays out with the colors of the room.
Pink and Blue Toile 010
The sterling is Towel Fontana. It was my Mother–In–Law’s. Unfortunately she passed away several years before I was even in the picture. My Father-In-Law proudly presented the complete set  to me shortly after Mr. Scaper and I were engaged. The napkin rings are from Bombay. I miss that store.
Pink and Blue Toile 011
Now we peel the onion. The first layer is this great shaped rectangular dish, Old Britain Castles by Johnshon Bros.
Pink and Blue Toile 012
The transfer ware salad plate is by Churchill.
Pink and Blue Toile 014
The dinner plate is Wonderful World Pink by Villeroy & Boch. Love that color!!! It is a wonderful world.
Pink and Blue Toile 015
The magnificent chargers are Italian by Spode and yes Kathleen, although there are only 8 on the table, I have 12.
Pink and Blue Toile 021
The china carpet balls have been collected through the years.
Blue glass collage
Mr.Scaper purchased the hock wines from Horchow for me several years ago. They come in a series of four patterns.
Pink and Blue Toile 034

I purchased the cobalt saucer glasses at a Depression Glass Show many years ago. They’re not Depression Glass, but check out those stems!
Pink and Blue Toile 033
Be sure to stop over at Susan’s for lots of other wonderful tablescapes that will keep the winter blues far away.
Pink and Blue Toile 031 
This is my favorite shot!
- The Tablescaper