Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reindeers and Red

This is one of those tablescapes that I’ve been planning in my head for ages.
It all started with these white cake plates with a swirly red edge that I saw at Crate and Barrel. I loved them but they were a bit pricey.
Copy of IMG_9611
To my sheer excitement, an incredible copy showed up at Christmas Tree Shop last year.
Copy of IMG_9623
Amazingly, I didn’t use them last year, but was concocting the look I wanted in my head.
Please tell me that I’m not the only crazy one out there in blog land that goes to bed dreaming up new tablescapes.
I found these wonderful reindeer at HomeGoods in August…
…and sometime this Fall the plate below the reindeer appeared at HomeGoods as well.
I had this Scandinavian concept brewing in my head.
Copy of IMG_9617
The milk glass goblets were from an antique shop on a trip to Pennsylvania last year.

The placemats were a recent purchase at Christmas Tree.
Copy of IMG_9639
I didn’t want to hide the adorable pattern…
…so I set the flatware to the side.
The flatware was a long ago Walmart purchase.
Copy of IMG_9607
The nesting set of bowls was also a recent Christmas Tree purchase.
The red snowflakes were purchased at a Cracker Barrel on our recent trip to Annapolis.
And all the while, I was dreaming up this tablescape in my head! LOL!
I hope you’re enjoying this magical season as much as I am.

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    - The Tablescaper

    Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

    "Oh I LOVE IT"!!! And no you are NOT the only one that goes to bed dreaming up a new scape. Did you EVER get up from those dreams and look for something you thought of and didn't want to forget, Hmmmm? When I looked at your scape right away I thought "Scandinavian"!!! Everything is "PERFECT,PERFECT"!!! I think I can picture you doing little happy dances with each one of these Precious Finds.... Thank you SO much for sharing this, It is a Gorgeous Post!

    Miss Char said...

    Your table looks perfectly put together. The red and white is clean and crisp, makes me feel like I'm somewhere in Scandinavia. I really love the Cracker Barrel bowls. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful table.

    Pat said...

    I absolutely love every bit of this! The red and white is fabulous!

    Betty said...

    I just love everything. The napkins are divine. I love the red and white theme. Wonderful to visit your blog.

    Johanna said...

    love your tablescape. One can see that it is planned for a long time. Everything is just perfect. Love the brigth red and the snowy white. Very cheerful. And you have so nice things like the snowstars.Love that.
    Greetings, Johanna

    Debbie said...

    If I had seen those adorable placemats at CTS, I would have snatched them up ;o) The red and white Scandinavian tablescape is great! What is the source for the white plate on the bottom?

    Luncheons at the Junction said...

    I dream of tablescapes all day long! Love the red and white - those little white plates with the swirls are darling.

    Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

    Just beautiful! I'm lovin' the deer and red and white is just so happy:@)

    Toocutedobs said...

    Very nice! If that is not Christmas I don't know what is! And now that I know I have to really "dream" these things up maybe I can improve on my decorating attempts. Ok, so I'm going to run upstairs and lay everything out right now so I can get those creative juices on this project.

    Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

    Now this just says Christmas to me!
    I would love to have everything on that table! So beautiful, so perfect!
    My favorite table so far this season!
    My hubby is Scandinavian and I am always looking for things like this.
    I wish we had a CTS near us!

    Denise @ said...

    I love everything about this setting. The reindeer in your centerpiece are so majestic. Like the red napkin rings as well. I've seen white snowflakes and blue snowflakes and silver snowflakes, but can't say that I've ever seen red ones before.
    The placmats are perfect for bringing out the Scandinavian Look.
    What a great job all around.

    Custom Comforts said...

    LOVE your tablescape!!! Everything matches so perfectly as if you had purchased it all together. Must be all the more special because of the hunt and time it took to find it all ~ actually I think it makes it all the more fun. You just never really know at the beginning how it will all turn out.

    A Toile Tale said...

    Now this is one fine post. I just love the restraint you had to use just two great colors and keep it so fresh. Boy, you did a great job. Not only do I go to bed and dream up tablescapes, I usually post late at night, so when I retire after posting a really creative post, I'm so excited that I have trouble sleeping!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

    Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

    What a pretty and very festive table! I love the reindeer! You are not alone going to bed with ideas in your head. I do it all the time. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


    Deb said...

    Really beautiful, and I love the flatware placement! Thanks for sharing...

    Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

    Great idea about adding our trip to Seasonal Sundays!
    The home is a B & B. Galena is a lot like being in New England. 90% of the town is on the historic registry.
    I added a link to last years post on my newest post. Check it out if you have time.

    Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

    Simply stunning! Wonderful attention to detail -- it all goes together beautifully! I also admired those plates at C&B -- and the little bowls that match!

    Step inside my home said...

    Your Tablescape is stunning! The red & white / snowflakes and reindeer are a wonderful combination. I love the placement of the flatware to hi-light the lovely placemats! ~Susie

    Linda @ A La Carte said...

    What a wonderful table! Love the plates and reindeer! Red and White!! I also think about tablescaping at night and what I'm still looking for! This is just beautiful.

    Rettabug said...

    AWESOME...Totally Awesome! I just can't find the words to tell you how PERFECT this entire table looks! The plates with the swirls are magnificent & I'm so glad you were able to find replicas of the originals.

    Your white deer are breathtakingly beautiful, too. How Wonderful to find the exact plate to tie it all together!! Well done!

    I will try to remember to join in your Seasonal Sundays...I just seem to forget. *Mental-pause* ya' know.

    Sue (Someone's Mom) said... are the only one. I NEVER think about tablescapes while trying to sleep, eat or shower:)

    I love this table. I actually have the white and red plates from Crate and Barrel (I bought them after Christmas last year) so you will see them on one of my holiday tables as a totally different way than you used. I love the white deer and all the wonderful things that go with them. I think it is fun to place the flatware in an unexpected place. It was certainly worth all the time you were thinking of it...beautiful!

    Deb S. said...

    WOW! I just love the red and white! Those reindeer are wonderful! I just love the way you set the table so the placemat could reveal its beauty! What a FAB table! I think we all dream of tablescapes, but you my dear, DREAM BIG! Thanks for the eye candy!!!

    Marlis said...

    I totally love the Scandanavian feel!!! I so love this table. It's absolutely perfect. Can I come live in your head a bit?? Those reindeer are spectacular and I too love the swirl plates.. Beautiful table.

    FABBY'S LIVING said...

    Dear tablescaper:
    OMG!!! I LOVE IT! What a gorgeous tablescaping, all in stunning, everything is terrific! The red and white is such a Xmas dream...Everything is to perfection, all the details, to the napkins.
    Hope you can visit me too, now I have you for more inspiration.
    Love XOXOXO

    FABBY'S LIVING said...

    Dear tablescaper:
    OMG!!! I LOVE IT! What a gorgeous tablescaping, all in stunning, everything is terrific! The red and white is such a Xmas dream...Everything is to perfection, all the details, to the napkins.
    Hope you can visit me too, now I have you for more inspiration.
    Love XOXOXO

    Lori Lucas said...

    Obviously it was meant to be. Only you could put together such a wonderful tablescape. It is one of my favorites...but then again I am very partial to red and white.
    It is truly beautiful. What great ideas! Lori L

    Deanna said...

    Your table looks STUNNING!!!

    Awesome red and white theme.
    May you have a sweet week,

    Designs By Pinky said...

    Oh my gosh I lay awake all the time thinking about tables!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one:):) I just LOOOOOVE this table, the red and white is a fav. combo of mine! Love the dishes and the placemats are adorable! I wish Walmart still had that flatware!!!!!!!!!! I got some red flatware there this year but it isn't quite as nice as yours:( Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky PS, have you been over to my BLIG yet??? I just started it a few weeks ago! Please come on over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Red Couch Recipes said...

    The red and white are just stunning and I would like to keep it up all season if I were you! I love the napkin rings -- what a fun touch and also what I would call the "mitten bowls." I love the Scandinavian look! I also dream of tablescapes and food before I drift off in sleep. Joni

    Debbie said...

    Well, you never, ever, disappoint, and that's a fact. I always love your tables and look for every detail. THIS ONE is definitely on my list of all time favorites.

    I love the crisp red and white. Those swirly red edged plates are so pretty. (I NEED to go to that CTS...)

    And no. You're not the only one. Not at all.

    Atelier de Charo said...

    You always creating magical settings! Love the way you put together everything!

    Kathleen said...

    Taking a break for my baking to visit your table. It is delightful! I love the reindeer as the centerpiece and the red and white is so pretty! I don't recall those place mats, or the plates!
    I have to go back and look again, I am sure I missed things!
    Yes, I think about scapes, but then I can't remember what I thought I would do!

    Sarah said...

    Love it! And no, I think you have lots of company of others dreaming of tablescapes. It sometimes drives me crazy!
    I'm so glad this one got out of your head and onto the table. LOL It is beautiful in all its red and white splendor. It definitely feels Scandinavian.
    I bought the C&B bowls in this pattern last year after Christmas. I wish I had bought other pieces as well. I need to see if they have it again this year. Each piece of this table is a beautiful detail. ~ Sarah

    Brenda Kula said...

    OMG! My beloved red and white in such a beautiful and inspired tablescape! I love, love, love everything in this post!

    A Perfect Setting said...

    Yes, I do go to bed thinking of tablescapes, and this idea was a great one! I have one of those white reindeer (love it) and the red just looks so good with it. The placemats, flatware--no detail was overlooked. Simply wonderful!!

    Lori at Jarvis House said...

    Love the red and white tablescape. The white milk glass goblets look so perfect on the red placemats. Cheers from the Jarvis House

    Daphne said...

    Excellent work! The best tables are the ones that are brewing in your dreams for a long time. I especially like the reindeer!

    Splurgie said...

    Keep dreaming! I can't wait to see what you dream up next. I love, love love those white reindeer.

    Tammy said...

    Isn't that the way everyone falls asleep...designing tablescapes (NOT counting sheep)?

    Beautiful tablescape. I love the way you offset your placesetting and angled the flatware. Very nice!

    Tess said...

    What a gorgeous table...execute perfectly (I LOVE red).

    My night-time tablescaping happens when I turn out the light and get ready to sleep. I have planned my favorite tables at that time.

    You are not alone!!!

    CAS said...

    Everything is so beautiful, from your wonderful tour to your personal tablescapes. Thank you for sharing all the loveliness. And, no, you are certainly not the only one who is always thinking about another tablescape or vignette, & the next & the next.

    Carol said...

    What a tablescape! The "knitted" texture on the nesting bowls is darling. The red and white is wonderful. The linens, the scalloped dishes, the milkglass goblets. All terrific details.
    Yes, I do love thinking about things like tablescapes when I am going to sleep at night. What a delightful way to drift off!

    shopannies said...

    love the beauty of the tablescape the simple red and white is beautiful

    Linda Q said...

    You hit this one out of the ballpark as my hubby would say! Love it, well of course I do, it is RED!! But everything is perfect.
    I love it!!

    I Love Pretty Little Things said...

    So Festive & Fun and very, very Pretty!!! I really like how you put the flatware at a slant. I like that even if you aren't trying to cover up a pattern.
    Very Creative!

    Jeanne Selep said...

    I don't even tablescape, (yet...) but I buy the china and think about it. I live vicarously through others blogs. :)

    Here are some of my dishes.

    laurie @ bargain hunting said...

    Oh this is delightful! I adore this tablescape. Yes, I dream about tablescapes, but they never turn out as well as what I dreamed they would. Yours exceeded any dream I might ever have! I love it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tablescape for Favorite Things. laurie

    Alycia Nichols said...

    Patience is indeed a virtue. You are NOT the only one who has visions of tablescapes rather than sugarplums dancing in their heads, especially this time of year. This time is REALLY paid off with this pretty table you created! Kind of whimisical, yet elegant in its own right.

    Jerri said...

    Such a beautiful tablescape! Very classy and festive!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week. Hope to see you again this week. Also, I'd like to invite you to come by next Thursday for my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe Party!

    Jerri said...

    I stopped back by to let you know that I'm featuring you this week! Come by and grab my featured button if you'd like one!

    Summerland Cottage Studio said...

    It has been pure pleasure perusing your blog.
    You just keep on dreaming up tablescapes.

    Cousin B said...

    I'm always in awwwe when I check in here. That table is gorgeous! You inspire me so much...You've caused me to look at tables with an entire new attitude! Could be my next passion! :-)

    Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

    Love this table! I especially love how you set the place settings to the side and the flatware so the placemat design could be appreciated! I adore the reindeer, plates, bowl, heck all of it even if it is Christmas past!!