Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Book Club

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Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my Book Club.
Since we meet in the evening, I like to put out an array of munchies.
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Life was extremely busy (when isn’t it?) the week we met for Book Club, so most of the food was via of Trader Joe’s.
Copy of IMG_7578Copy of IMG_7572  IMG_7569
Both their Crab Cakes and Mushroom Turnovers are delicious and easy. The perfect thing to have in the freezer for unexpected guests (and no, I’m not being compensated by Trader Joe’s, they just have great stuff).
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Also from Trader Joe’s were their Shrimp Gyoza. I love serving these when I entertain. They’re delicious and a little different.
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Placing labels by dishes identifying what I’m serving, helps people enjoy themselves without hesitation.
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One item I made was a Caramelized Onion Spread. I found the recipe on Susan’s Blog, Savoring Time in the Kitchen. Click HERE for the recipe. It proved to be the perfect addition to the party.
Little forks help make enjoying the treats a little easier.
Wine glasses are set out on my little tiered table that I got awhile ago at Pier One. Amber wine glasses were from Walmart last year. The white wine was iced in a beautiful ceramic tub that looks like a pricey Italian ceramic, but was actually a Christmas Tree Shop purchase from many years ago. And I must admit, I picked the red wine because I loved the labels!
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I set some hummus with pita chips and wasabi peas out on the coffee table. Leaf dip dish was a treasure from Walmart several years ago. The bowl with acorn trim was from Christmas Tree Shop this year.
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After some discussion about the book and lots of discussion about life, we headed to the dining room for some dessert. The tablecloth by Raymond Waites was the inspiration for the dessert table.
Once again, Trader Joe’s came to the rescue.
IMG_7663 IMG_7647 
 Copy of IMG_7653 IMG_7651

Chocolate torte, Apricot Almond tart, Cranberry Raisin cookies drizzled with white chocolate and Layered Opera cakes – all from Trader Joe’s. The Cranberry Raisin cookies are amazing, not too sweet and oh so much flavor.
I made individual pumpkin mousse, topped with whipped cream and a pumpkin seed.
I served them in these little cups that I got at a dollar store, so that everyone could have a taste.

Of course there was coffee and tea.

These incredible leaf plates were from Christmas Tree Shop last year, but they had them again this year.
And just in case you didn’t have enough sweets, a bit of candy placed upon a bed of leaves (Dollar Tree) to satisfy your sweet tooth.
I don’t know how much we talked about the book (what did we read?) but we had a great night of conversation and sharing.

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    - The Tablescaper


    Aledia said...

    How Pretty! I love all your little cutlery pieces and the food looks scrumptious! Thank You for sharing and have a blessed week!

    Sarah said...

    What a nice party. I want to join your book club! You have such fun serving pieces for fall and all the food looks yummy! ~ Sarah

    Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

    Just beautiful, everything looks tasty and I'm sure it was a great time! I agree that leaf chip and dip bowl is really neat-enjoy:@)

    Pat said...

    Beautiful setting and I love Trader Joe's!

    Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

    I have been a member of many book groups, but I think your presentation is definitely the best I have ever seen! ( I also love your dining room drapes). I just discovered Trader Joe's and have used their goodies a few times. Your assortment of dishes is beautiful for the fall, and I like the little forks arranged so neatly. Hope the book was a god one, although sometimes the bad ones make for the best discussions! Linda

    Mimi said...

    I want to join your book club, too! Your skirted table is lovely...such cute little forks...love the leaf plates.

    Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

    Ok, tell me what book I need to read so I can come!!! What a beautiful serving table all dressed up for fall. The food looks fabulous!!!

    Rose H (UK) said...

    My goodness, what lucky folk at the book club! Sensational spread.

    Bill said...

    Wonderful fall colors and tasty-looking treats! When food and beverages are presented to nicely, who cares who does the cooking??? ;)

    I have a feeling members of your book club would vote for you to host ALL their meetings!


    Kathleen said...

    You treat them royally! It all looks so beautiful! I love the pumpkin mousse presentation, but really, what a spread!
    The plates are wonderful!

    Marlis said...

    Your tables are amazing. Can I join the book club too? Your pieces all go so well together. I might have to find a this Christmas shop!

    laurie @ bargain hunting said...

    This looks like my kind of book club! Everything looks gorgeous and scrumptious! All of the table cloths you used are so pretty. I loved the round table; then I saw the little side tables with wine, etc, and I loved those; then you showed the dining table, and guess what - I loved it too. What a beautiful book club meeting. I'm thrilled that you will be linking this to Favorite Things. I need a CTS close to me! laurie

    Barbara said...

    I love the autumn feel of your table. I am a big Trader Joe's fan too but haven't tried a lot of what you served. I will be on the look out for it. I really like that tiered stand. Even if the book was bad, I am sure everyone had a really good time.

    Mary said...

    What a wonderful & beautiful spread! Clearly I need to go to Trader Joe's! I'm glad to know about the Gyoza & their desserts look amazing too. You're even serving my favorite cupcake...Chardonnay :-)

    carolinajewel said...

    Really pretty and the food looks scrumptious! I love the forks!!! And what a gorgeous wine cooler!

    Dream Mom said...

    Oh, everything looks delicious! What a nice party! I love how you set everything up.

    { L } said...

    Oh! This is SO lovely and every detail is perfect. I wish I could have been there. I feel inspired to do a book club now. You decorated very beautifully for the season.

    I missed the Seasonal Sunday link up but I have it marked to do this upcoming week! :)

    xinex said...

    What a beautiful presentation! The food looks yummy especially the pumpkin mousse....Christine

    Jacqueline said...

    Our book club doesn't feast like this! I bet they were blown away, not only was the food delicious looking but your presentation was fantastic. When are you hosting again? I want to be there! I wouldn't even have to have read the book. Delightful AND I AM SICK THAT WE DON'T HAVE A TRADER JOES! I take a suitcase home when I travel where there is one.

    Cabin and Cottage said...

    My goodness, what a wonderful spread! I'm going to have to go raid the fridge! Just wonderful and beautiful!

    Entertaining Women said...

    My eye was initially captured by the 'foot bath' holdling the wine. Just gorgeous! A gorgeous blend of color and texture, and the hydrangeas are always beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs and for stopping by my post. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

    Chari at Happy To Design said...

    Hello my friend...

    Ohh my...Pumpkin Mousse? It sounds divine! Well, it looks like your book club had a lovely time! What a fabulous buffet of food! Ohhh...and the presentation was sooo very beautiful! I just adore that pretty tablecloth on the dessert table! Everything is fabulous, my friend! I would have loved that meeting!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn tables with us today!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    bj said...

    The food is absolutely amazing. A very nice party, indeed.
    So glad you had a good time..

    Barbara said...

    Lucky book group...whether you made everything or not! Your tables are so inviting. Love your wine chiller. I have one in white and use it constantly. For morning meetings, I fill it with bottles of water or juice.

    Deb S. said...

    Ok, there are some really lucky people to have you in their book club!!! This is beautiful and YUMMY!

    Sue said...

    You have created one lovely setting for your guests, here!! The variety of food looks delish ( I love TJ's too). Book? What book? I would have been contemplating what I was going to fill my plate with during the entire discussion! :-)
    ~ Sue

    Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

    Oh, my! I want to join YOUR book club! What a gorgeous display of goodies!

    Daphne said...

    What a lovely party! So many good ideas here!

    Alycia Nichols said...

    Bravo! Beautiful!!! You really outdid yourself! I'm sure your book club members were awed!!! I LOVE the forks!

    Prior said...

    I love this spread...the wire cloche is so great and the little leaf place card holders... the colors so warm and Fallish! Lezlee

    Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

    What a wonderful spread for your book club! Everything looks wonderful -- I love the way you've criss crossed those forks!

    Tess said...

    I want to be in YOUR book club...what DID you read???? The table is gorgeous and the food looks delicious!!! But really...what book????? :-)

    Karie's Chic Creations said...

    You have beautiful dishes and serving ware. I love visiting your blog. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    paperbutterfly said...

    Great detail! Everything flows together! You have grouped everything in such an artistic way.
    Wish we had a Trader Joe's in Canada. When short in time I always buy some specialties to add to my table, too. Less stress and you enjoy your company. I hope you enjoyed the evening as musch as I know your guests did.
    Thank you for sharing so many ideas with us.
    I always look forward to your next post.
    Blessings, Pam

    I Love Pretty Little Things said...

    You are Amazing!
    You so consistently create beauty every time you set a table and I am sure everywhere in your life! Lovely and Yummy,too!

    I think that I need to take a little more time in Wal-Mart. You found some beautiful treasures there!
    Thanks for playing along with Friday Pretties.
    Always, always a pleasure,

    Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

    What a fabulous spread!! Can I join your book group, lol!!


    vignette design said...

    What a lovely spread! Thank God for Trader Joe's! I am hosting our book club meeting in December and am planning a sit down dinner. You gave me some great ideas! Oh, BTW, what book did you read?
    And Oh, BTW, you won my giveaway! Yay!
    I'm so excited to send you the book, apron and stationery from Tuscany! Please email me with your address and I'll get it in the mail on Monday.
    Congratulations my friend! ~Delores

    Pattie T. said...

    All I want to know is how I can join that book club! This is the best looking table of munchies I've even seen. Your idea of name tags for the food is a good one, and I love the criss cross placement of the forks. Lastly, may I ask where you got that three tiered pie/dessert stand? I could really use something like that for Christmas.

    Love your blog!

    Pattie @ Olla-Podrida

    Mary said...

    As always your table is a feast for the eyes and tummy. Why fuss when Trader Joe's selections are so yummy. I have those little leaf plates from The Christmas Tree shop too. I am planning to serve a Waldorf Salad on them for Thanksgiving. Everything you do is exceptionally beautiful.

    Red Velvet Confections said...

    Both settings are very pretty. Your serving utensils and dishes are beautiful. Love the color scheme!

    Jenny said...

    What a fantastic party!

    vignette design said...

    Don't know if you heard that you won my giveaway!
    Please email me at deloresarabian@hotmail.com with your address and I'll get it in the mail asap! Congratulations! ~Delores

    Toocutedobs said...

    OH!!! I am so happy I followed Savvy Southern Style over here. You are going to be such a great help to me with my holiday dinner, my wine club, etc. Goody, goody!!! Everything was beautiful on your table and I want to do that too. Love the tiered table with the wine glasses, the large container with the wine glasses, well just everything I love it all.

    Lindy said...

    What a party you give! The food and setting look awesome!

    Olivia said...

    Oh Wow! This is just gorgeous. I am off to check out what seasonal Sunday is all about!

    laurie @ bargain hunting said...

    I could look at this post over and over again. I'm having a meeting at my house Thursday night. I just hope nobody who is coming to my meeting looks at your blog, because if they do, they will be very dissapointed when they get to my house. Every one of these tables looks like a magazine photo. So glad you linked this to Favorite Things, because it is one of my favorite things too. laurie

    Holly said...

    I would not ever miss a meeting if I was part of your book club...what a wonderful setting and such a wonderful menu.
    504 Main