Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow Day Snack

After a day of playing in the snow (OK, I know we don’t have snow right now, but work with me) come on in and warm up.
Snow men 035
Warm yourself by the fire. It turns on by the flick of a switch.
Snow men 016

Grab a cup of hot cocoa.
Snow men 027

That big guy is filled with …
Snow men 026

…warm, rich hot cocoa.
Snow men 025

Toss a few marshmallows in.
Snow men 037

You’re starting to warm up, right?
Snow men 028

So, have a little snack.
Snow men 032

A snow couple! Now don’t let that snowball hit you in the eye!
Snow men 031

The little pale blue balls on the napkin rings could almost be ice balls. You don’t want to get hit with one of those.
Snow men 046

Nor get bopped on the head as this guy did.
Snow men 052

Just enjoy warming up with a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire.

Ok, before I go any further, I have to share something with you. If you’ve ever been to this blog before you know I am a super dish-a-holic. Mr. Scaper is very patient with my addiction. As I’m sure is the case with most of your significant others, they are not into dishes, they basically tolerate us. Well, the funny thing is, the snowman set featured in this post is Mr. Scaper’s favorite! He accuses me every year of trying to skip using these (well, sometimes that does happen – getting all of those Christmas plates away, trying to find my home under all of it, a family birthday in January and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). But this year with the blog in place and more dishes all over the house, there was no way I was going to skip it. Since it is his favorite, I was able to convince him to help carry it up from the Butler’s Pantry/Dish Room in the basement.
  • Beverage dispenser (which has a place in the bottom “ball” for a warming candle), mugs and plates were from Target several years ago.
  • Napkins from The Christmas Tree Shop. I just can’t seem to bring back where the napkin rings are from.
  • Candle stick holders and tiered server from Maces, a wonderful discount store that no longer exists.
  • Round enamel tray by The Golden Rabbit.

Today was a bit unusual as I’ve posted twice in one day. As usual, on a Wednesday evening I’m linking with Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Stop over for more table tops. Additionally, earlier today I did a re-post so I could join Rhondi  at Rose Colored Glasses on her very first White Wednesday. Click here to see my White Wednesday post.
- The Tablescaper


Tammy518 said...

Ooh, I'll have some cocoa, please! Love the snowman dispenser and plates and mugs.

You mentioned the plates and tablecloth in my're right; they're by April Cornell.

And I'm still lusting after your pink and blue tablecloth! Wah, no WS outlet in my area!

Linda said...

This is too cute for words! Makes me want to grab a cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows and a biscotti and just sit down in front of that fire! Cute set of dishes!

Patriotic Mom said...

This is so cute! I used to have those plates but I think I gave them to a thrift store. How could that be!
Please visit my blog, I am having a giveaway that I think you will be interested in joining. Joan @ Americana By Candlelight.

Jeanette said...

This is just too cute! It makes me not long for spring quite as much. Just precious.

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I'm so glad that you commented on my blog. I stopped over to visit and was in love with your blog. I love your tablescapes. I added you to follow. Thanks.

Debbie said...

Awwww.....that looks so cute!!~ I am getting ready soon to post my table as well for Susan....thanks for sharing it sure was cozy and warm!!~

podso said...

What great photos. I can smell the hot chocolate. I think we're getting some snow here soon ... this makes me ready for it!

Mimi said...

I love snowmen, so you know I am crazy about your cocoa set! The hot cocoa dispenser is adorable.

vignette design said...

That cocoa looks so good, especially in those darling mugs. Perfect! --Delores

xinex said...

That cocoa looks so good and your snowman dishes are so pretty. No wonder they are your tolerable hubby's favorite:-)And do you know what else I like? I love your TV cabinet!...Christine

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

I absolutely LOVE this table! It is so much fun! I am glad you shared it with us.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Love it! What fun! Makes me want some hot cocoa!

Maria said...

What a fun table scape while we're still having snow and chilly weather~
joyfully ~ Maria

ellen b said...

Yes my "Dear" is a dish enabler! How great that this is your husbands favorite. I really love snowmen...They always make me smile. I felt like I had come in from the snow :0)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh, this is such a wonderful and wintery tablescape. I think it is adorable that Mr. Scape likes these dishes. AWWWWWWWhhhhhhh!
You really did a superbly detailed job- all the blue, snowmen and snowflakes. As usual, this is a wonderful post.

ellen b said...

To answer your question...yes, the coverlet in the background of my ottoman setting is April Cornell! I have napkin rings just like yours but I can't remember where they came from either LOL!! Maybe target???

Tracey said...

Adorable! That snowman hot cocoa server is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm feeling warmer already ~

:) T

Dining Delight said...

Love the dishes and love your post! So true about our DH's and how they tolerate our dish obsession. How nice that yours has a favourite set of them. That snowman cocoa dispenser is fantastic - and that it has a candle warmer for it! Really does make one want to come in out of the cold and warm up!


Colette said...

Hi, I stumbled upon you from between naps on the porch.
I'm so jealous of your blue snowmen. They are my favorite, and I'm always looking for them.
Love what you did with your tablescape!

Deanna said...

Dear Tablescaper,
I luv the snowmen!!!
Your arrangement is darling and aint nuthin cuter!!!
Nice to see this,
d from homehaven

Lana Austin said...

This is beyond fun! And that snowman cocoa/drink dispenser is AMAZING! And every detail, down to the "ice ball" napkin rings are fantastic!
Would you believe we may get snow AGAIN here in AL soon? Surreal!
Blessings, Lana

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is adorable! Love the blue color scheme!

The cocoa looks delicious!


Joyce said...

I sure am glad your helper carried up all those dishes to help out with your addiction as it made me happy to share your table. Now your fireplace is exceptional. I want one!

DustyLu Interiors said...

YUUMMMYYY! so adorable..perfect vignette for that weather..iam there and i will have coco that is..lulu

Allie and Pattie said...

Oh, we LOVE this-Allie wants me to find these dishes! I was enchanted by your white tablescape also-my Waterford is so special to our family. Thanks so much for giving us all some wonderful inspiration and also for visiting us and leaving such a nice comment
xoxo Pattie

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

This is so adorable! I just love it. It's perfect for a snow day or any day at all. All of your cute snowman pieces look great. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for your very kind and comforting thoughts all the way from New York. It is very much appreciated.
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Celly B said...

That snowman beverage dispenser is just adorable! I also love your beautiful and unusual fireplace. So cozy!

The Southern Belle said...

You have captured my favorite combination of blue and white in a beautifully designed table. I have the same dish fetish, but, oh well, we could have worse problems, right! Thank you for the visual delight!

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

I love it too! Beautiful table, my kids would go crazy! And so nice for hubby to love these dishes!

Linda Q said...

Ooo I like this, to to cute!
And I am loving your fireplace in there with the spoon and fork? above it. All so darling and cozy!
I want to come over and play with or without snow!

The Tablescaper said...

Yes, that's a spoon and fork above the pediment. Wish you could come and play!

- The Tablescaper

simchieinspires said...

I still love the wintery decor although am drowning with the snow overhere.

Your collections is to die for.

And thanks for the hot choco, perfect for me on a very cold Swedish evening.

TY for sharing.

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

Martha said...

I just love your snowman table! It's winter without being Christmas . . . and with the snow expected tonight . . . it's so timely!

Jan ~ BellaCasa said...

I wanted to dive right into that hot is cold out here today. Love all the blues..great job and thanks for sharing.

food with style said...

such a darling collection! i am in love with your fp and giant utensils above, very fun! all you snowman are just adorable, you must have had fun playing in the snow~

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

O.K. the snowman hot chocolate dispenser is the cutest thing ever! The whole table is just adorable!


Kathleen said...

I'm here, finally!
I love this, the snowman dispenser is just wonderful...
Such a pretty table..great job!

KayEllen said...

It is cold tonight in southern California~~well 48 degrees...I know whimpy! lol
But boy I want some hot chocolate now~~~after seeing your mug~~~Yummy:)

Thank you for all your sweet comments!

Kay Ellen

Dreamgoddess said...

What a pretty table and I can see why these dishes are his favorite. I really love your napkins and the ice ball napkin rings. Too cute!

Janean said...

i almost caught myself singing, "let it snow. let is sno..." lol.

Vicki said...

Those hot mugs of cocoa are warming up this cold day in Texas, thank you!! I love your snowmen table settings. They bring a smile to my face. Stay warm and cozy! Vicki

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, what a fun and deightful table. No wonder he loves these snowmen. You can't help but smile when you look at them. Your napkins and napkin rings look so pretty with the snowmen. laurie

Anonymous said...

What a delightful tablescape! I love snowmen and this is just so heart-warming.

I have never seen a snowman beverage dispenser before. I love it!

Very nice.
Tammy in VA

Tonja said...

Thank-you for visiting ne at Gatherings! I do hope you will come back again. I just went back several pages on your blog and enjoyed it so very much. Especially the fall looks! I think I have a piece like one you use for display. the 3 tiered wooden piece you used for display in several pics. I use mine lot...especially when I do a buffet. Again, thatnks for visiting, and if you don't mind...I'll have a little cocoa as long as I'm here. Marshmallows, to, please!