Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year’s Eve 2009

It’s time to celebrate!!! The close of a year and beginning of a new one.  In ways its been a very difficult year, with the loss of my father and a good friend. In ways its been an amazing year, with the beginning of my blog and meeting of all of my wonderful friends in blogland. A new year is before us filled with fresh possibilities.
New Year's Eve 2009 001
Everything is bright and sparkling!
New Year's Eve 2009 006
This evening Grand mom Lillian’s cherub candelabra don silver candles to match all that glitters.
New Year's Eve 2009 004
A place is set for everyone.
New Year's Eve 2009 009
Even the tablecloth and place card holders glitter.
New Year's Eve 2009 002

New Year's Eve 2009 010
The napkins are from my Mom’s extensive collection of hand embroidered napkins and amazingly the napkin rings were a Wal-Mart find!
New Year's Eve 2009 013
I am fortunate to have inherited my Mother in Law’s complete set of Waverly by Lenox with a platinum band.
New Year's Eve 2009 007
The crystal is my wedding crystal, Araglin by Waterford, from over 20 years ago!
New Year's Eve 2009 011
We are serving lobster and needed place to set the warmed melted butter that was as elegant as the rest of the table. I choose these crystal saucer champagne glasses and set them upon silver plates.
New Year's Eve 2009 012
My parents used to frequently cruise and they collected these glasses while cruising on the Italian Cruise line. I believe they sailed on the Michelangelo Note their insignia.
New Year's Eve 2009 015
The sterling is Marlborough  by Reed and Barton which I am blessed to have due to the generosity of my Brother in Law. As my husband would say,  it was his brother’s mother’s. Got that?
New Year's Eve 2009 017
Can’t you just hear the ice crackling in the branches? The vase is also by Waterford. Note the stars in the vase.
New Year's Eve 2009 005
Only to be warmed by the glow of the candles.
New Year's Eve 2009 018
Silver and glass stars danced upon the mirror. The glass stars actually hold tapers and I just turned them upside down for this table. They are from Pier One. The silver ones are from Wal-Mart.
New Year's Collage
My mercury glass is from over ten years ago. It’s so in vogue these days.
New Year's Eve 2009 016
This little leaf shaped bowl was also part of my Mother in Law’s collection.
New Year's Eve 2009 020
Enjoy the splendor of the evening as we begin a new decade.
New Year's Eve 2009 022
Happy New Year!
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- The Tablescaper

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Mosaic Monday

Hopefully you all had a blessed and merry Christmas and are now relaxing a bit. The stress is off and we’ve had some pajama time. Everyone has sat around and enjoyed their new toys – computer, electronic, books, etc. It’s a wonderful  time to enjoy your family, home and gifts.
I put together a little mosaic to enjoy a bit more Christmas.
Christmas Candy Collage
I’m hoping to link to Mosaic Monday on Little Red House, but I know she’s taking a well deserved break and I’m not sure when she’ll be back in blog land.
- The Tablescaper

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Luncheon

I love Christmas, but it is such a crazy time. I have a million (OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration) of photographs of my home that I would love to share with you, but time is short. I find it odd that our most beloved holiday, I know I speak for many, is crammed into 4 short weeks, when the season of Autumn is stretched across 3 months. It doesn’t quite seem right.
But here we are. I am crazed. Putting a post together seems to have dipped low on the list, but I must share these photographs with you.
I entertain a good deal and Christmas Eve is THE event in our home, but I have come to love my ladies Christmas luncheon. There are years that I have have thought about putting it off, due to the many demands of the season, but realize how much I enjoy it. And so it begins…
December 034
As my guests arrive I have a cocktail awaiting them.
December 171 
Amongst the Christmas trees, toile and candles is a Cranberry Cocktail.
December 172 

It’s 50% cranberry juice and 50% champagne, with a few floating fresh cranberries.
December 174 

Just a little something as we wait for all to arrive – except those with car trouble that couldn’t make it – ahem Kathleen.
December 159 

A little something awaited each guest at their seat. Yes, Kathleen, I have yours set aside.
December 047 
Please join me for my Christmas Luncheon.
December 038 
It’s when I pull out my best for my best friends to enjoy.
December 039 

Ruby cut glass collected through the years from Barron’s and Century 21.
December 041 

A special place for everyone amongst the amaryllis.
December 042

Grand mom Lillian’s cherub candelabra, that were antiques when she (who hasn’t been with us for over 25 years) purchased them.
December 044

December 046 

It’s been a hard year. Many of us have lost a parent since our last luncheon. And so tragically we even lost dear Betty who was with us last year.
December 048 

The gorgeous placemats came with matching napkin rings.
December 050 

My husband bought me these beautiful beautiful compotes from Horchow several years ago.
December 051 
A now discontinued Christmas Lenox place was our focal point.

December 052 
Incredible Villeroy and Boch chargers, that I was so lucky to get on sale last year, were our base.

December 054 
It was a stellar day when I procured these placemats from Century 21.
December 076 
A medley of red and green and gold.
December 078 
And now, it’s time for lunch.
December 166 
I couldn’t decide between shrimp cocktail or crabmeat cocktail and so I did both!
December 167 The roasted asparagus were tied as little Christmas bundles.
December 178 We dined on Chicken Marsala (a post to come), asparagus and a touch of cranberries atop the fanned Clementines.
December 047
I hope you enjoyed my luncheon as much as I did. It’s a special time to share my best with my best.
December 081 Come see a ton of lovely Christmas tablescapes at Susan’s Merry Christmas
- The Tablescaper

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Benefit House Tour – Part III

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far! My dear friend Kim helped me stage a home for a benefit Christmas House tour.The first week we toured the outside of the home, the entryway and the dining room. Click here to check it out. Last week we toured the living room and the sun room. Click here to see that.
This week, for the grand finale, we will tour the family room, the in-between room (that’s what they call it) and the kitchen. Hope you enjoy!
Twigs House Tour 175
Onto the family room.
Twigs House Tour 138
Sit for a spell.
Twigs House Tour 139
Oh no, sorry, those are for Santa.
Twigs House Tour 143
The doe-full eyes have clearly seen better days but is adorned with a wreath and surrounded by an incredible array of Santas.
Den santa collage
Large Santas presiding over the room, international Santas adorning the mantel, and even a Santa enjoying the bar!
Cashman house 026
Once again, I’ve neglected to take an overall photo of the room once it’s decorated (hopefully I’ve learned my lesson) and so I’ve snuck a pre-decorated one in to help you gain some perspective of the expanse of this room.
Den collage
One of the homeowners was a volunteer fireman of many years. Their collections reflect his passion for the cause he gave so many hours to.
Twigs House Tour 149
Many Santas dance among the shelves of collectibles from the homeowners many travels.
den bear collage
The hand carved Inuit bear was bestowed with a place of honor amongst the fallen (faux) snow.
Twigs House Tour 172
And this guardian gave us such a fright as we moved him about – he seemed so real!
Twigs House Tour 115
On our way to the kitchen, we pass through what the homeowners call the in-between room. It’s ready with a glass of champagne for you!
Twigs House Tour 117
Have a sip.
nutcracker collage
Nutcrackers of all sizes and origin enliven the in-between room. Note the fireman nutcracker and his engine!
Twigs House Tour 129
duck collage
Twigs House Tour 110
Excuse the fuzzy picture, but I wanted to share how we camouflaged the humongous file cabinet.
Twigs House Tour 061
The steps to the basement are graced with a beautiful giraffe, a reminder of the homeowners many excursions.
Twigs House Tour 099
And now, to my most favorite room of the house – the kitchen!
Twigs House Tour 089
The interplay of black and white toile with bursts of red enhance the coziness of the kitchen.
Twigs House Tour 091
The black and white toile charger is the perfect frame to the red plate that encircles a snowy homestead.
Twigs House Tour 084
Warm yourself by the hearth, with the modern conveniences built in right next store!
Twigs House Tour 085
Ahh, the wonders of a gas fireplace. With just the flick of a switch you have the perfect combination of innovation and ambience.
Twigs House Tour 083 Even the Santas don black and white toile.
Twigs House Tour 082
A magical perch within the hearth.
Twigs House Tour 081
A bear from Harrod’s must enjoy his porridge, even if it is in a New York kitchen.
Twigs House Tour 071
What’s that coming out of the oven?
kitchen collage Looks like the giraffes have made their way to the kitchen too.
cookies collage And now it’s time to bake!
Twigs House Tour 049

cookie collage1
It’s been such a lovely time.
Twigs House Tour 102
I’ve been tweaking this picture, but it sure doesn’t do the room justice. Somehow getting the warmth of the room with the wreaths hanging about proved to be a photography challenge so you’ll have to deal with my amateur attempts to enlighten my darken photographs. I wanted you to feel the full warmth of the room. Twigs House Tour 092
Many a merry Christmas have been had in this home filled with warmth and love.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.