Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Tricks, Just Treats!

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. Stop over at Susan's for more!
Halloween is just around the corner. No tricks today, just treats!
Where to begin?
Traditional candy corn?

Delicious cookies?

Candy apples, caramel apples?
Or just candy?!?!?!
How about some gummy skulls filled with cherry red juice or your more standard Snickers?
Or maybe a big, fat lolly pop?
Marshmallow monsters?
Chocolate licorice or perhaps a few eye balls?
So many choices.

Sweet and sour skulls and pumpkins
Caramel corn
or a few Ginger snaps?

Pecan brittle?
Or the yummy new dots in candy corn flavor or the black ones flavored with blood oranges?
So many decisions.
A candy stick, a marshmallow ghost?
Or just a few orange slices?
Decisions, decisions
Oh, just try them all.
Happy Halloween.
- The Tablescaper

Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome to Foodie Friday! Join us for a goulish treat - a Gimlet.

In order to give our Gimlets that extra touch, I rimmed the glasses. Wilton put out a series of Hallowee food colors, including BLACK!
To get the d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g effect, I used Karo corn syrup.
Simply place a few drop of black food coloring into the corn syrup.
Give it a stir.
Turn your martini glass upside down and give it a swirl.
After you turn it right side up, the drip will begin.
I popped the rimmed glasses into the freezer to set the drip.
Giblets traditionally were made with gin, but I prefer them with vodka.
Add ice to your cocktail shaker.
And then add one part of Roses Lime juice (available in the grocery store, nonalchoholic) to one and a half parts of vodka.
Once the drip has fully set remove from freezer.
Your glasses will be nicely frosted.
Then simply strain the Giblet mixture into your prepared glass and ENJOY!
To see the full post of the Goulish Giblets, click here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goulish Gimlets!

Welcome (said in a frightfully spooky voice)...
As evening drawers near...
...enjoy a goulishly, delicious...
...Giblett. Please take one, if you dare.
Have a sip, before my pet spiders do.
Feel free to rest your hat next to mine.
They have a bit of a tang, but so quench your thirst.
Enjoy your evening.... ha, ha, ha (in a fiendish cackle)
A bit brighter of a look as the fog clears, if you like that sort of thing. Be sure to stop back on Friday, as we join Foodie Friday, with the brew, oh I mean recipe for our Goulish rimmed Giblet.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Spooktacular Setting

Welcome to a spooktacular evening...
Halloween is drawing near.

The skeletons are creeping out of their closets...

to greet you

Witches hats are all about.

Haunted houses and...

bats flying about.

Black and orange, the colors of the season

All to bring you a fright!

hoo ... the owls do screech.

The witches boots...

are filled as the witches climb upon their brooms to take flight...

into the depths of the night.

Past the haunted houses,

and wriggling spiders,

where skeletons unite...

in the glow of the night.

Ha ha ha ha...
  • Tablecloth, William Sonoma
  • Tassels, tomb stones, skeletons and orange wine glasses from Dollar store
  • Flatware by Renaissance
  • Witches hat spoons and haunted house bowl by Boston Warehouse
  • Salad plates, Tabletops Lifestyles, Silhouette Halloween
  • Platter, pitcher, punch bowl and ladle, Gates Ware
  • Black dinner plates, Mainstays Home, Walmart
  • Napkins, HomeGoods
  • Boots holding flatware by Cracker Barrel, courtesy of my dear friend and fellow dish-a-holic, Kim
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- The Tablescaper