Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lime and Periwinkle!!!

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. Please be sure to pop over to Susan's to check out all of the inspiring tablescapes. Pops of color and polka dots!!!

Summer is bright and cheery and this tablescape is just that.

I laid an April Cornell tea cloth catty corner and added April Cornell place mats.
Our little Target friends make yet another appearance.
Enjoy all the moments, even when the day is slipping into evening.
  • stainless by Oneida
  • luscious swirls of lime footed glass from Ikea
  • napkin ring from Pier One
And now, to peel the onion...
Periwinkle and white bowl - Gabbay by Gibson
Lime polka dot place from Target (a few years ago)
Periwinkle and white dinner plate - Gabbay by Gibson
And a birds eye view (lime polka dot pitcher by I. Godinger & Co.; hurricanes from HomeGoods)

This week I also participated in Kathleen's White Party! Click on the photo of my white tablescape below to see the entire white party post.
Click on the button below to visit Kathleen's White Party and see all of the white tablescapes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grilled Pizza

What to have on a hot summer day? How about pizza on the grill? It's easy and fun! Then be sure to stop over at Foodie Friday for some delectable treats.

It's the perfect poolside snack. Click on the photo below to see a tablescape for poolside snacks.
While you don't need a pizza stone, the stone seems to cook the pizza more evenly. Put the stone on the grill before you heat the grill, so the stone heats at the same time as the grill. It's best to heat one side of the grill on high and, if the grill is large enough, the unused side on low. Have tomato sauce ready. While you can use regular mozzerella, I find that shredded fresh mozzerella melts the best. For pizza dough, you can either pick up some from your local pizza place or buy some in the grocery store. Let the dough rise. Once the dough has risen, powder with flour. I'm not up for tossing the dough in the air so I sort of stretch it out and let it's own weight pull it out. Cutting each dough round in half makes it easier to handle. I just place the dough on the stone. Some people like to oil it with olive oil. Close the grill. It doesn't take long (dependent upon your grill) for the dough to become golden brown. Flip the dough over. After flipping the dough, apply the tomato sauce. Then sprinkle with cheese and close the grill. Watch for the cheese to melt and then take it off the grill. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poolside Snacks

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. We're cooling off by the pool today, but be sure to pop on over to Susan's for Tablescape Thursday to see all of the great tablescapes.
Come back tomorrow and join us in Foodie Friday to see the grilled pizza we made for a poolside snack.
It's August. It's hot. Time for a dip in the pool to cool off.
Ahh...that dip was nice. Now, just a little snack. Grab a plate.
And a napkin from the pail.
Those spreaders are a good laugh! The three serving pieces are from Global Design Connections by Kate Williams. You could jump back in. Or just sit back, relax and take in the view. Thanks for joining us for a dip and a snack. Enjoy the last of summer.
  • Hurricanes and plates from Christmas Tree Shops
  • Oneida Community Stainless

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lobster Feast

It's a Lobster Feast! After joining us at our feast, be sure to pop over to Tablescape Thursday and see the other feasts and tablescapes in blogland. Also, be sure check out The Coloradolady's Vintage Thingies Thursday. Just click on the button below. Then stop over at Gollum's for Foodie Friday for more feasts!
Join us in our Lobster Feast!
The table is set and ready to go...
With all of the accouterments.
Well loved and well used vintage lobster plates (H.B.C.M. - France). Red dinner plates used as chargers courtesy of my dear friend Barbara (Classique Red Baroque, Ambiance Collection).
Sea scissors which can work better than crackers (napkins from Christmas Tree).
Shell embossed flatware (dinner fork and knife -Reed & Barton stainless, seafood fork - Bon Chef).
Lanterns to instill the ambiance and light the way (Ikea).
Vintage lobster tablecloth.
Let the feast begin!
Open that pot!!!
There's nothing better.
Don't forget the warm butter for dipping (I love to keep it warm as you work your way through the lobster, but these tea lights won't stay lit tonight).
Fresh corn on the cob.
Oh yes, some beer (vintage West Virginia Glass, with many thanks to Bill at Affordable Accoutrements who identified them for me).
Mmmmmmm.....................dig in.