Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hors d'oeuvres on the Deck

Please join Foodie Friday for many other delicious treats.
Have a taste of Herbed Shrimp Cocktail as you sit upon the deck and join us for some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.
Just sit back and relax.
Something to drink?
A bite to eat?
Just sit back and relax as the day comes to an end...
  • Serving pieces from many trips to HomeGoods
  • Small shell plates from Chritsmas Tree Shops, last year
  • Hurricanes from Pottery Barn, a few years ago
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picnic Dinner at the Beach

After enjoying our relaxing picnic dinner at the beach, be sure to stop over at Susan's and see all of the other beautiful tables for Tablescape Thursday. Then go over to Gollums Foodie Friday for other delicious recipes.
It's evening and the crowds have departed. Now it's time for a leisurely relaxing dinner on the beach.
Fluff out the quilt, lay down the baskets,and add some flowers. Nothing says summer like sun flowers and hydrangas.
Lots of yummy cool dishes to dig into.
Enjoy a slice of bread.
There's grilled chicken, orzo with roasted vegetables, farfalle with spinach and feta, Italian bread and some herb butter.
A few vintage cups for quenching your thirst and a kaleidoscope to help let your mind wander...
Some brownies to end the meal. Just enjoy the view.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tea for Two with Grandmom Lillian's Treasures

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. Please have a seat and enjoy Tea for Two.

Picture you upon my knee, Just tea for two, And two for tea,

Just me for you, and you for me alone.

Nobody near us, To see us or hear us,

No friends or relations, On weekend vacations,

We won't have it know, dear, That we own a telephone, dear.

Day will break, and you'll awake, And start to bake, a sugar cake. For me to take, For all the boys to see.

We will raise a family, A boy for you, A girl for me, Can't you see

How happy we would be?

Couldn't resist showing the "two" for tea!

Come visit soon.

Words by Irving Ceasar, Music by Vincent Youmans 1924

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baking Birthday Party

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Birthday are a huge event in our home and we long ago agreed that at home celebrations were much more fun - not just the family celebration, but the friend celebration too. To celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday this year she had a baking birthday party!

Each guest received a baker's toque attached to the invitation to "our bakery".
The party started with dinner in the dining room.
The seat of each guest chef was reserved with a personalized apron.
Several rolling pins and the hurricanes acted as the centerpieces.
My favorite hurricanes, a long ago Christmas Tree purchase, were filled with cookie cutters and tied with gingham ribbon. I have quite a cookie cutter collection, some of which were my grandmother's.
The ruffled straw mats acted as chargers. Next was a simple white dinner plate. The red salad plates, which echoed the ruffle, were a Home Goods purchase. I used cookie cutters as napkin rings around the red gingham napkins. A little white ramekin was for the ketchup! The red goblets were "found" in my parent's dusty basement years ago.
The serving pieces were red ceramic or red glass and the serving utensils each had white china handles.
The menus were held by little cupcake and butterfly holders, found in a quaint shop in London.
The island in the kitchen was all set for chocolate fondue from the chocolate fountain. There were strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake for dipping!
The kitchen table was ready for making cup cakes, brownies and home made ice cream.
Toppings of your choosing, with whipped cream on the ready.
Mmmm......frosting dripping off of cup cakes and all the touches.
Each Chef went home with a box filled with all of the items they baked. The goodie bags were filled with some chef's tools and tied with a gingham bow. An excellent celebration!